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The holidays can be a busier and stressful time for many of us. Gifts to buy. Parties to attend. Family and friends to host. We start to lose sight of the meaning of the season. End of Year Giving is a great way to turn your focus outward, see the need of those around you, and meet that need with hope.


Aliat would like to feature our non-profit partner Wishing Star Foundation who shares 3 simple ways you can help provide hope and lasting memories for children who are terminal or battling a life-threatening illness in the Inland Northwest.


Monetary Donations
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Join the Wishing Star Foundation Circle of Friends and participate in a monthly giving contribution!


Wishing Star Foundation could not do the work they do without the support of generous donors. Thanks to the Circle of Friends monthly donors, Wishing Star Foundation can plan wishes for children who are terminal or battling a life-threatening illness year-round! Visit https://wishingstar.org/ways-to-give/circle-of-friends/#donate to join today!


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Volunteers are essential to the success of the Wishing Star Foundation! Whether you are volunteering for an event such as Send a Friend a Goat as a “Goat Wrangler” or partnering with us as a Wish Conductor to help grant wishes year-round, we can use volunteers both remote and in-person!

Visit https://wishingstar.org/ways-to-give/volunteer/ to get involved today!


Airline Mile Donations
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Through the United Miles on a Mission campaign, the Wishing Star Foundation can accept donated airline miles from generous supporters. Donated miles help make the travel wishes of our Wish Kids’ dreams come true! If you have United Airline Miles that you would be willing to donate, please visit https://donate.mileageplus.com/Listing/Details/1755259/Wishing-Star-Foundation-Travel-Wishes.