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Today, there is an epidemic in America.

It is bigger than obesity. It is bigger than sitting disease. It is bigger than chronic illness.

America has stopped moving.

We sit in front of computers and televisions. We sit at work, school and home. We are moving less and less every year. Already, we are moving 30 percent less than we did just two generations ago. If this keeps up, by the end of this decade, we will exert only slightly more effort than if we slept 24 hours a day.

Why should you care? Not because your doctor you should, not because of your waist line, not even because of your health. We’re talking about something you that you can change right now, today. You should care because moving is what makes us thrive. If you move your body right now, you’ll move a lot more than that. You’ll move your world.

Are you ready for a world where we are thriving at work, at home, at school? Are you ready to move more, sit less and feel better? We are too.

So we’re asking you to join us in taking a small step, or a big step, to get on the move. Take the pledge for more energy, a happier place to work, more fun, better sleep, better days, a better life.

Take the pledge to get on the move.

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