The Aliat staff loves Teladoc! Here are our testimonies of times we turned to Teladoc.

Teladoc is a free benefit for all Aliat co-employees and up to five of their family members. Just pay for your prescription at pharmacy pick up! If your company is part of Aliat and you need help registering your Teladoc account, please email [email protected]



I used Teladoc earlier this year because my big toe felt numb when I put pressure on it and it wouldn’t go away, even after a few days. When I typed in my symptoms into a web browser, the conclusions of WebMD and the likes were frightening! I called Teladoc to get true medical advice and my doctor certainly helped ease my mind.

Bethany G.

19 bethany


Ear Infection

My daughter, who is on the Teledoc account with me, was preparing for a trip overseas and just two days before the trip, came down with a terrible ear infection. She actually used the Teledoc call system very late the night before her flight departed and was able to have a consult with a doctor, who prescribed medication that she picked up at a pharmacy on her way to the airport.  The response time plus the help clearing up the ear infection not only saved her time, but it definitely helped her start the recovery before her flight landed the next day.  It also helped reduce her stress and she was able to have the prescription in hand overseas.

Joe W.



Red Eye

I recently used Teladoc when my 5 year old had a red eye.  He could not go to daycare and so my husband and I had to flip a coin on who would work from home that day.  My husband ended up staying home, so instead of calling our son’s pediatrician and scheduling an appointment (which would have taken an hour for the appointment and another hour to get the Rx filled plus cost us money for the doctor visit) we took a picture of his eye and requested a FaceTime appointment with a Teladoc.  We were called back within 14 minutes and a Rx was called in for us.  My husband only had to take about 20 minutes out of his work day to pick up the Rx.  With two little boys, we have used Teladoc numerous times and it has saved us so much time and money.

Amber W.

18 amber


Strep Throat

I woke up one morning and was so sick that I couldn’t leave my bed. I gave it a day to see if it would get better and it didn’t, so I called Teladoc. I was diagnosed with Strep Throat. The doctor sent a prescription to the pharmacy across the street. I was back on my feet within 24 hours! My only complaint is that I wish I would have called sooner.

Tyler D.

17 tyler


Skin Infection

I thought I had a bug bite when I saw a raised red circular mark on my arm. I started getting worried by day two, when the redness had spread to a large section of my arm. It felt tender and hot to the touch. I took a picture and uploaded it to the Teladoc mobile app. A doctor called me within 5 minutes and asked me explain my symptoms. It turned out to be Cellulitus, a potentially serious bacterial skin infection. The doctor prescribed me an antibiotic. I was able to pick it up at my pharmacy down the street for $5. I had to take the antibiotic for 2 weeks! I had no idea my “bug bite” would actually be a serious skin infection. I’m so glad I called Teladoc and didn’t let it slide.

Hayley D.

20 hayley



Viral Infection

When I woke up with a swollen red eye and a sore throat, I was going to head into my local urgent care to get antibiotics. Instead, one of my coworkers suggested Teladoc. Their easy-to-use website made it a breeze for me to request an appointment. Within ten minutes I was on the phone with a doctor who told me it was actually a viral infection and not a bacterial infection. The doctor gave me instructions on what to do. Within a week I was much better and saved money and time by using Teladoc!

Nathalie O.

21 nathalie


Dependent Care

I set up my Teledoc account online.  After completing the medical questionnaire, I added the information I had on hand to enroll my kids (19 & 23).  I then sent a message to my kids to create a secure login and complete their profile.  I then forgot about it…

A month or so later, I called my daughter to make sure she had completed set-up of her account.  I wanted to be sure she had it done prior to needing any type of medical care.  To my surprise…she responded by saying she had already used the service twice!  It was great to hear how happy she was and how quickly she received help at the time she needed.

Thanks Teledoc…you Rock!

Curtis D.

3 curtis


Upper Respiratory Infection

Going to urgent care or to your doctor’s office when you’re sick is never fun. Last winter I had an upper respiratory infection and all I wanted to do was stay home but I also wanted to find some relief. Lucky for me, I had Teladoc. I was able to stay in the comfort of my bed to request an appointment from my mobile app. Within 10 minutes a board certified physician called me and prescribed me the medication I needed to get better faster. My fiancé picked up the medication on his way home. I was under the weather and never had to leave the comfort of my house to received top-notch medical care.

Katie K.

7 katie



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