Our Wellness Program

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Life in MOTION by Vitality

At Aliat, we promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles with a fun, energizing new wellness program called Life in Motion! Our daily challenges span physical activity, nutrition, stress reduction, and weight management. With tools like Fitbit and Garmin integration, participants can join fun contests, earning points for actions and peer recognition, which translates to program status and enticing prizes.

Our Wellness Process: Mind and Body

Physical Wellness

Energize Your Well-being

Physical health is pivotal to holistic wellness. At Aliat, our Life in MOTION program, in collaboration with Vitality, delivers comprehensive biometric evaluations to gauge each employee’s health. Coupled with the accessibility of Teladoc, strategic HSA/HRA-type medical plans, and all-encompassing dental and vision plans, we craft personalized wellness strategies. to promote healthier lifestyles, boost energy, and counter potential health risks. At Aliat, we’re devoted to ensuring physical wellness is both a rewarding and enjoyable journey for everyone.

Emotional Wellness

Nurturing Mind and Spirit

Emotional well-being is equally important as physical health in maintaining a balanced lifestyle. We understand that emotional wellness fosters a happier, more congenial work environment. Leveraging the resources in Vitality and the support of Cigna’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), we incorporate strategies that help individuals manage stress, maintain positive relationships, and balance work and personal life.

Financial Wellness

Secure Your Tomorrow

Aliat adopts a holistic approach to wellness, understanding that financial well-being is crucial alongside physical and emotional health. Through initiatives like FinFit, Gratifi, and dedicated FSA/HSA programs, Aliat equips employees with tools to attain financial stability.

Additionally, the introduction of Voluntary benefits further underscores our commitment. This comprehensive focus on well-being fosters increased engagement, creating a symbiotic relationship of benefit for both employees and the broader workplace environment.



Aliat offers Teladoc, a leading global telemedicine service, ensuring instant healthcare access. With 7,000+ licensed providers across 30 languages, Teladoc provides virtual consultations and medical opinions. Trusted by top hospitals and minimizing virus spread with telemedical robots, it’s a solution blending convenience and quality for subscribers.



Recognizing the importance of financial wellness, we’ve partnered with FinFit—a service that offers personalized financial assessments, online education, credit resources, and emergency short-term loans for unexpected events. With FinFit’s seamless integration with payroll, we provide an alternative to conventional loans and advances, assisting employees in achieving financial stability.

  • Comprehensive financial wellness platform tailored for employees.
  • Online education, tools, and credit resources
  • Provides access to short-term loans for immediate financial needs.


Other Programs We Offer

College SaveUp

Understanding the significant financial strain that America’s $1.5 trillion student loan debt represents, especially for the Millennial workforce, we offer our “College SaveUp” program. Designed to invest in the future, this initiative allows employers to contribute directly towards a college savings plan, facilitating a brighter educational horizon for their employees’ children.

Student Loan PayDown

Knowing student debt can be crushing we offer our “Student Loan PayDown” program. This essential benefit enables employers to make direct contributions to their employees’ existing student loans, alleviating a portion of the financial burden and enhancing their overall well-being and job satisfaction.

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