Streamlining Processes for Happy Paydays

Save Time

Speed Up Processes

Payroll is a demanding task that eats into your precious time. We simplify the process and provide industry-leading support that is not only fast, accurate, and efficient but also customized for your business. We take the burden off your shoulders so you can stop worrying if your people are getting paid, and start focusing on what you truly love about your business.

Navigate Complexities

No More Payroll Puzzles

Payroll is often the highest expense for small business owners and with numerous complexities such as handling garnishments, unemployment, and accounting issues—it can quickly become overwhelming. We’re here to make it easy. Our system and dedicated support ensure you handle payroll deductions accurately, budget for payroll expenses effectively, and stay on top of payroll taxes.


Tackle Taxes

Stress Free Tax Seasons

Recognizing that tax compliance varies with state regulations, we support you in registering in new states. Our team is well-versed in payroll tax laws across different states, making the registration process smooth and compliant. We ensure your business adheres to the varied state-specific payroll tax regulations and take on the responsibility of managing all payroll tax return filings and payments. Let us alleviate the stress of deadlines and compliance from your shoulders and ensure timely and accurate submissions and prevent late penalties.


Self-Service Dashboard

Your Payroll Command Center

With Aliat’s online employee self-service portal, your employees gain direct access to their information (e.g., timesheet entries, PTO requests, paystubs, W-2s, information about benefits, electronic new hire onboarding, and more). This transparency helps offices run more smoothly, enhances employee productivity, and reduces administrative costs. Plus, our mobile app empowers your team, ensuring seamless integration of payroll, HR, and benefits.

Payroll Capabilities

PTO accrual tracking
Timesheet entry
Job costing
Time off approvals
GPS location validation
Scheduling features
Employee/Manager dashboards
Direct deposit / payroll cards
Meal/break tracking

Start your journey towards a healthier, more productive business.

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