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Aliat offers rich benefit plans directly through Cigna or can offer various plans and carriers through the Health Insurance Marketplace based on your company’s and employee’s needs. Freedom to Fly Aliat Healthcare Rate Guarantee is included for all clients who elect one of our Cigna plans!

To get a benefits quote, you can contact our PEO benefits pros directly, or download and complete the census and receive your quote in 3-5 business days.

*Medical, dental and vision plans are elective with any of our administrative packages.

Why Aliat?

By aggregating small to mid-sized businesses together under one roof, we allow smaller businesses the buying power of the big guys. Our unique program enables cost controls where they’re needed most: your healthcare. Only Aliat has a 0% rate increase guarantee with our Freedom to Fly program.


Broad provider network, customized health coaching and identification of triggers and conditions


Empower your employees to achieve and maintain optimal health, happiness and productivity


Cost-controlled environment resulting in your best value – with the best doctors, care & outcomes

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