Curtis Dent is the Chief Sales Officer at Aliat.

As we approach the new year, it’s a smart idea to approach your employee benefits in a new way. For years, small businesses have had the same costly rate increases with little their brokers can do to avoid these increases. This year, Aliat invites you to consider a different solution.

Is your small business on a grandfathered, grandmothered or transitional relief plan?

Is your budget suffering from costly rates in the Affordable Care Act small group marketplace?

Does your broker present quotes with a 9 percent rate increase (or higher) year after year?

This year we say, “Out with the old, in with the new.”

Why Your Grandfathered Medical Plan Can’t Last Forever

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A lot of insurance carriers offered grandfathered, grandmothered, or transitional relief plans in 2012 during the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). These plans were all ways for insurance companies to retain your business by extending a Pre-Affordable Care Act plan.

All of these carriers are eventually going to have to move you onto an ACA approved plan. That transition will result in a rate increase which may be 25% or more (you may have heard about this in the news recently…it’s true).

Now is the Time to Quote Your 2017 Employee Benefits


The common practice of going to your broker to “search the market” and “bring back a spreadsheet” has never resulted in anything other than an increased premium for less benefits. We provide an alternative option for you to consider in addition to the renewal offered by your current group health carrier. Our program is not available through insurance brokers. We are a single large company made from a collective group of small businesses to provide and reduce the cost of administrative services like  HR and compliance, payroll and benefits.

We work in coordination with Cigna to bring richer benefits for a lower cost.  We provide a professional level of HR and compliance support to replace the crossed-finger approach of most small businesses.

As a large company, our collective clients pay less per employee for compliance, payroll administration and especially benefits. On average our client companies reduce their compliance, payroll and benefit budget in excess of 20% while increasing value.

Three reasons January 1st is a great effective start day for an Aliat medical plan:

  1. All employee deductibles and out-of-pocket maximum limits reset back to $0 on January first, so that is a reasonable time to suggest a change to improve employee benefits.
  2. From the business administrative side, a company who joins our program on January 1st will only have employees receive one W2 during 2017.
  3. All of our quotes are free for a 1/1/17 effective date.


To be prepared for a January 1st renewal, please Request a Consultation to begin the quoting process.