We’d like to give a big shout out to our friends at Park Academy for hosting a comical and inspiring night! Aliat was proud to sponsor the Park Academy Dinner & Auction “A Night with Henry Winkler” on June 16th, benefiting students with dyslexia. The man of the hour is best known for his starring role in the hit 70’s series Happy Days, but the students at Park Academy look up to him for much more than his fame.

Henry Winkler inspired us with his testimony of overcoming dyslexia to become an accomplished actor, director, producer and author. His story gives the students hope and exemplifies what Park Academy believes:

“These students have the capability to change the world, which begins in their own community. They just need an environment that encourages them to recognize their abilities and cultivates the inner confidence of each to make change.”

Park Academy in Lake Oswego, Oregon is the only in-state school where students with dyslexia can receive highly specialized curriculum –  from elementary age through high school graduation. Their students excel in an environment with low student-to-teacher ratios. Core academics are complimented by enriching classes in arts, foreign language and physical education.

We’re grateful to have Park Academy in the Aliat family of companies. They bring a larger perspective to our message of wellness in the community.

Each guest at the fundraiser received the gift of a “love” rock with the message: “You can either keep it to think of our students, or leave it somewhere to bring a smile to someone’s face.” Our love rocks are sitting on the desks at our office.

Thanks again to Park Academy for a great night!

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