Think of your morning routine – how much time do you spend getting ready? You can easily spend an hour making yourself presentable on the outside, but what are you doing to prepare yourself on the inside? It’s easy to forget that your mental health may need to take precedent over other areas of your life.

When you set aside personal time every day, you’ll find you can clear your mind of distractions and become a healthier person – mentally, physically and socially!

We’ve outlined nine benefits of personal time below.


Increased Productivity

Working nonstop yields diminishing returns and causes you to lose focus. When you stop and spend 10 – 30 minutes on yourself you will notice the work you do after is done better and faster. You will become more productive. Whether you’re at home, or alone in a conference room, do some light stretching. Get outside and go for a walk. Take some personal time and marvel at how much more productive you are after.


Higher Self-Confidence

Everyone has low self-confidence on occasion. If you feel you suffer from frequent self-doubt in your abilities at work, meditation can help. Try this exercise – take five minutes to remind yourself why you’re an important member of the team. Think about a recent success story. Shake away the negative criticism. Spend intentional time learning something new and expanding your knowledge. When you invest in yourself, you naturally become more confident.


More Patience

Have you ever noticed your patience start to wear thin while at work? This could be the result of stress. Your patience will be boosted after making personal time for yourself. Try waking up a few minutes early so you do not feel rushed in the morning. Some people may need 10 minutes of personal time to recharge, while others may need 30 to 60 minutes. Nonetheless, personal time can help you feel better and transform your mood.


Better Prioritization

Let’s be real – our brains are not the best daily planners, especially if we have a lot on our plates. When you are overbooked and overworked, procrastination and inorganization start to make their way into your life. Instead of falling into the mindset of ‘I have so much to do that I am not going to do any of it’, choose to meditate. After some quiet time, you’ll be able to prioritize the tasks that are most important.


Reduced Mental and Physical Stress

Too much stress is incredibly unhealthy. Mental stress can turn into physical stress within your body and cause you to prematurely age. Many people don’t realize the toll they are putting on their body if nothing is done to combat stress. You can prevent mental and physical stress through personal time and meditation. Take a break and clear your mind by doing something you enjoy. Watch a movie, pray, cook your favorite food. It does not matter what you do as long as you enjoy doing it! If you feel you are under too much stress at work, talk to your manager or a coworker and come to a solution together. Do not bottle up stress inside.


Improved Discipline

Do you easily lose focus on tasks? The trick may be to focus on yourself first. Studies show that with meditation comes better self-discipline. If you are dieting and craving something you are trying to avoid, practice meditation and you will reap the rewards of better discipline.


Better Reputation

Do you feel you do not have a good reputation in the office due to undealt-with stress? After meditating, you will naturally become more relaxed. Any unintended snarky or terse tones in your voice or scowls on your face will be erased after meditating. This leads you to be perceived as more friendly and personable. You will have more patience when speaking with coworkers. Along with better overall quality of work, the more you meditate, the better your reputation as a good and reliable worker will become.


Less Rework

Everyone hates having to redo things, but a poor job is a poor job. Personal time and meditation can clear your mind to improve your performance. The clearer your focus on the job, the less time you will spend reworking projects you’ve already done. This goes hand-in-hand with improved productivity. You’ll be able to do quality work the first time around.


More Free Time

If it seems that there are not enough hours in the day, then you are in need of some personal time. This is almost paradoxical but focusing on meditating, which takes time, will give you more free time. It comes from being more efficient, more focused, and more productive. The less time you waste the more time you have for yourself. Meditate and be mentally healthy.

Life is unpredictable. It is too easy to lose your sanity with all of life’s stressors – from financial obligations, to trying to maintain healthy family relationships, to circumstances out of your control, stress is everywhere. The key to keeping your mental and physical health is to be able to unwind and manage your stress.