3 Ways You Can Participate in End of Year Giving

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The holidays can be a busier and stressful time for many of us. Gifts to buy. Parties to attend. Family and friends to host. We start to lose sight of the meaning of the season. End of Year Giving is a great way to turn your focus outward, see the need of those around you, and meet that need with love.

Aliat would like to feature our non-profit partner With Love, Oregon, who shares 3 simple ways you can contribute to With Love, and other non-profits, during the end-of-year giving. All are as important as the other, and it really depends on what kind of time and energy you have at your disposal.

1. Volunteer Your Time

With Love is always looking for individuals or groups to come to our warehouse to wash. sort clothing, inspect and create bags for our foster care families and children in foster care. We also have donation drives that are volunteer led by individuals or businesses in our community. This can be a bonding experience with your children, friends or family members.  


2. Monetary Donations

Maybe you don’t have a lot of time to give but you have a yearly donation budget to give to your favorite charities. You may also want to check in with your employer to see if they do Matching Gifts. How about stocks or mutual funds? You can donate those, too. These options are all tax deductible and help sustain our programs and administrative cost.


3. Amazon Smile

Did you know that many non-profits, including With Love, are part of this program through Amazon. You simply link your current account to our non-profit and a percentage of your sale goes directly to us. Easy!

Whatever way works for you and your family to give back to your community this season, know that With Love and nonprofits of your choice cannot serve their clients without your generous support!


Here are some links to the With Love, Oregon website and donation drives for End of Year Giving:

Get Involved at With Love, Oregon

Season of Giving Donation Drive

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