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How To Shop for a PEO

Starting a business is an extremely exciting time for any entrepreneur. You’ve worked hard planning, budgeting, hiring and executing a business vision. For the first few weeks, months or perhaps years, things may run smoothly as your start up begins to grow. However, as your business expands and you may begin to have trouble managing […]

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Hand Holding Christmas Ball

3 Ways You Can Participate in End of Year Giving

The holidays can be a busier and stressful time for many of us. Gifts to buy. Parties to attend. Family and friends to host. We start to lose sight of the meaning of the season. End of Year Giving is a great way to turn your focus outward, see the need of those around you, and […]

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Money in Pills

Open Enrollment Season is Here for Your 2019 Health Insurance

Here’s what employers should know before enrolling in or renewing their benefits. It’s that time of year again! The time where you make that dreaded phone call to your health insurance broker, ask him or her to “shop the market”, and you receive the same bad news: your insurance is going up another 10-12%. Small […]

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Student Loan Gradifi and Aliat

Student Loan Assistance: The Most Requested Benefit of 2019

Student loan assistance is the benefit every millennial wants but few businesses are offering. In a saturated job market it’s hard to compete with top companies who offer lots of shiny benefits. In today’s changing workforce, job seekers are looking for companies that better align with their own values rather than looking for the highest-paying […]

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Financial Management Aliat

Minimize Employee Stress through Financial Wellness Paired with a 401(k)

Creating a healthy work culture begins at the employee level. When employees practice wellness, they play a key role in shaping work culture. While both physical and mental wellness are a common part of culture in the workplace, financial wellness can be easily overlooked. For some small businesses, it is even a sore subject for […]

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Modern Workplace

A Look Into America’s Modern Workplace

If you were to map out a timeline of the American workplace over the past 50 years, you’d see a lot of shifts in the way the workplace is structured. Even going back 5 years you’ll see a significant difference in workplace culture, employee benefits, organizational structure and the implementation of technology.The Job-Hopping Generation We […]

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Warm socks, coffee, and a book

Fall Health Challenge: 7 Steps to a Healthier Season

We all know that “beginning of Fall” feeling. When the weather starts to cool down we often start to slow down ourselves, making it easier to skip a workout or indulge in one-too-many pieces of Halloween Candy. This Fall season, Aliat encourages you to continue that Summer momentum and take these 7 steps to complete […]

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Business contract

Understanding PEOs: Co-Employment Vs. Employee Leasing

When a business owner hears the word “co-employment”, there can be many questions and misconceptions associated. It may be assumed a co-employment relationship will involve the loss of some control and regulation the business owner has over his or her business, especially when it comes to hiring employees. However, co-employment is actually a word to […]

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The High Cost of Employee Turnover: What Every Employer Needs to Know

When employee turnover is low, you will find every corner of your company in a better place – financially, culturally, productivity-wise, the list goes on. Unfortunately, the statistics are proof that turnover is nearly unavoidable for US businesses. Unless a business is willing to make true change, they will continue to lose profits, productivity, and […]

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Why Pay Equity Will Still be a Problem in 2019

What is Pay Equity? The Equal Pay Act of 1963 set in place the requirement that employers pay employees equal pay for performing substantially equal job roles. This law makes it illegal to pay different wages to men and women when they perform equal work. A job title doesn’t determine equality, but rather the duties […]

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Anxiety Tips by Nathalie at Aliat

Dealing with Anxiety: 6 Tips to Help Calm Your Mind

Nathalie is our Digital Brand Manager at Aliat Anxiety. It’s a word we hear very often now, and for a very good reason. With rising housing costs, higher student debt, increased use of social media and more competition in the job market, Millennials are among the most anxious of the generations. When left untreated anxiety […]

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When Can You Use Teladoc? Testimonies from the Aliat Staff

The Aliat staff loves Teladoc! Here are our testimonies of times we turned to Teladoc. Teladoc is a free benefit for all Aliat co-employees and up to five of their family members. Just pay for your prescription at pharmacy pick up! If your company is part of Aliat and you need help registering your Teladoc […]

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Can Flexible Schedules Really Transform Your Whole Company?

Employee Benefits. Retirement Plans. Paid Time Off. We have heard it all. But have you offered your employees the latest incentive sweeping the workforce? Offering an option for Flexible Schedules has become almost more important than offering tons of PTO. In 2016, Phyllis Moen and Eri L. Kelly conducted a study involving 700 workers in […]

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Aliat HR Ally Image

Employee Classification: Independent Contractor or Employee?

So you’ve decided to hire someone because your business is growing…that’s fantastic! Now you need to make a decision on who to hire: a W-2 employee or a 1099 independent contractor? Let’s compare the difference between each employee classification…W-2 Employees W-2 employees are what most business owners think of when they decide to hire. It’s […]

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How To Start A Ketogenic Diet Successfully

By Katie Kohnle, VP of Operations at Aliat.  Always consult your doctor before making any major dietary changes. One year ago, a few of our staff members decided to start the Ketogenic Diet… I personally began the Ketogenic Diet in June of 2017, alongside Bob, Aliat’s CEO, who started it to target his type 2 […]

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How Should Employers Prepare for the Oregon Equal Pay Law 2019?

What is the Oregon Equal Pay Law? In short, under the Oregon Equal Pay Law two employees should receive equitable pay for doing comparable jobs. The law has been in effect since October 6th 2017 and employers are expected to follow the law. On January 1st, 2019 any complaints filed to BOLI or the EEOC […]

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IRS Announces 2019 Health Savings Account Contribution Limits

We don’t just prefer HSAs – we love them. In fact, it’s the only type of plan we offer our own staff.IRS HSA Limits for 2019 The IRS has announced the 2019 inflation-adjusted limits for Health Savings Accounts and High Deductible Health Plans. These new adjustments will take effect on January 1st, 2019 and will stay […]

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18 Summer Health Tips for 2018

We’re on our way to the best summer ever! Start getting in a healthy mindset for the season to come with these 18 summer health tips. 1. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids. 2. Stay out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time (especially if you’re on a medication or antibiotic that increases […]

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Work with a Cigna Telephonic Health Coach

Employees and spouses on the Cigna medical plan have access to one-on-one telephonic health coaching. This service is free-of-charge and is included with your medical coverage. Cigna health coaches are highly qualified and dedicated to meeting you where you are in your personal health journey and helping you get where you want to be, one […]

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What’s the one result you want more than anything? How many times have you attempted to achieve that goal? Do you continually try the same strategy without success? Regardless of your past failures and your current challenges, it’s possible to cultivate a new mindset, feel confident, take action, and reach your goal. These five steps […]

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Teladoc: 3 Steps to Instant Healthcare Access…24/7/365

Have you ever been on vacation or a business trip and need medical advice or a prescription? Maybe you’ve felt unwell while at home, but your primary care physician wasn’t available. Sometimes these situations don’t warrant a trip to an urgent care or ER, just a conversation with a licensed healthcare professional. Getting convenient, quality […]

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Why Should I Participate in My Workplace Biometric Screening?

When your car’s check engine light comes on, do you put a piece of black tape over it and forget about it, or do you take your car directly to a mechanic to diagnose a potential issue? Ignoring car problems can lead to costly repairs, or worse yet, complete engine failure. Now apply that same […]

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4 Steps: Eating Healthy on a Budget

It’s quite the conundrum. Unhealthy foods are cheaper, yet they can lead to expensive medical conditions. Healthy foods tend to be more expensive, but they can prevent illness and help you thrive and live a vibrant life. Sounds like a no-win, if you’re on a tight budget. Not so fast. It’s possible to eat healthy […]

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What is the Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA)?

The Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) determines which employees are eligible to receive overtime pay. If you’re a small to midsized business owner, we encourage you to get familiar with the FLSA and how it applies to your business. There are many exemptions from overtime pay. As a business owner you need to know which employees […]

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How Much Is NOT Seeing Your Doc Every Year Costing You?

Have you seen the Cigna TV Doctors of America commercial? Famous actors – Neil Patrick Harris, Patrick Dempsey, Kate Walsh, and Donald Faison – who pretend to save lives on TV, have joined forces and are on a personal and passionate mission to save real lives. They are urging all Americans to get an annual […]

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Are Your Employees Mentally Checked Out?

In 2018, 29% of professionals are planning to look for a new job position in the next 12 months and 53% of employees don’t expect to stay at their companies beyond five years. This is pretty bad news for business owners who are mapping out their five-year plans. Are you hearing rumors around the office […]

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4 Simple Tips to Spring Clean Your Workspace

Some jokingly say that a clean desk is a sign of no internet connection. That may get a chuckle, but for some it’s no laughing matter. A messy and cluttered workspace can create an internal sense of disarray and hinder your efficiency and productivity. And it can extend beyond your personal area, especially if you […]

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Your Cigna EAP: What To Do When Life Throws You A Challenge

Does your personal life affect your work performance at times?  You’re not alone. Nearly 50% of the 24,000 employees surveyed say it does. Perhaps the opposite is true for you.  Maybe work problems have a way of creeping into your home life.  What do you do when life’s challenges get the best of you and […]

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Is Your Digestive System Controlling How You Look & Feel?

Feeling off lately? Trouble concentrating? Maybe you haven’t heard. Your gut has super powers. It has the power to control the way your body looks and feels. Your digestive health even controls how you think. No joke. Your gut is a vital organ in the equation of your overall health. Here’s a gut-wrenching thought for […]

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3 Bad Hires That Can Damage Your Business Growth

Why a “bad hire” can kill your business Every office has that difficult personality, or the employee who’s not good at their job so the rest of the team must pick up the slack. It’s not a big deal since that’s just the cost of doing business. Right? Well, we’d like to share some statistics […]

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3 Common Fruit Myths Exposed

It’s amazing how much confusion there is around eating fruit. They are such a wonderful natural food source—full of nutrition, energy and fiber. But, there are some common fruit misconceptions. Let’s separate the truth from fiction. MYTH #1 Eating too much fruit will cause blood sugar issues. TRUTH – in healthy individuals, blood sugar remains […]

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5 Steps to (Re)ignite Your 2020 Goal-Setting Motivation

Have you ever kept a New Year’s Resolution for the entire year?  If you haven’t, consider yourself normal.  73% of those who set yearly resolution goals don’t achieve them.  What typically happens is the goal gets so overwhelming that it’s easier to just give up.  You might say to yourself, “What’s wrong with me, why the […]

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How To Communicate With Difficult Office Personalities

It takes all kinds to make the world go round. We’ve all heard the above cliché. It can be applied to the business world, too. It takes all kinds of personalities to make a company successful and sustainable. Although we are all “unique snowflakes,” there are trends within personality types that most people will gravitate […]

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How to Feel Loved on Valentine’s Day…Guaranteed

Happy Valentine’s Day!  On second thought…maybe we should say, “Happy Focus-Love-On-Someone-Else Day!”  Today’s the day to think of who we love and who loves us.  Some of us look forward to it every year and go big on expressions of love.  Some…not so much.  Let’s be honest.  Valentine’s Day is an other-focused, Hallmark holiday.  It […]

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Traditional 401(k) vs. Roth 401(k): Which One to Choose?  

Have you noticed a new option popping up in your retirement benefits package lately? Almost half of US employers— including Aliat —now offer the Roth 401(k) in addition to the traditional 401(k). If you’re wondering which type of retirement savings account to choose, here’s a primer on the two types so that you can make an informed decision that’s right for you.   How […]

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How Do I Reimburse Employees for Work-Related Expenses?

An important part of running a small to midsized business, being an accountant, or being a payroll specialist is to know what expenses employees are entitled to reimbursement for from employers. According to the IRS, expenses that the employer is entitled to reimburse the employee for cost are work-related supplies, travel done away from work (tax home), […]

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3 Benefits of Effective Human Capital Management

Aliat believes that employees are a capital asset, not a disposable resource. People Are Your Biggest Investment Small business owners have to keep a constant eye on their bottom line and proactively find ways to make business as usual more cost-effective. In the past, the focus of a business owner was on investing in the […]

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3 Easy Ways To Rev Up Your Metabolic Engine

So, you consumed more food and drink than you needed to over the holidays, and now you’re feeling it. Don’t despair. Here are three simple things you can implement today to help you regain your healthy momentum and boost your metabolic engine. #1 – DRINK MORE WATER! Of the three, water gives the biggest bang […]

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These 9 Things Will Help You Live A Remarkably Longer Life

Only a small portion of your life expectancy is based on your genetics. If you want to live longer, it’s all about your lifestyle. There are places on earth where people live remarkably longer lives. These places, called Blue Zones, have the highest proportion of people who reach age 100. We all want to know…why? Why do people […]

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How Much Water Should You Really Be Drinking?

Author Katie Kohnle is the VP of Operations at Aliat.It is widely known that most of us do not drink as much water as we should be on a daily basis. If you don’t actively think about it, it can be very challenging to reach the recommended amount in a day. On this path to […]

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25 Holiday Gift Ideas Your Coworkers Will Love

Drawing a blank with your holiday gift ideas? Don’t worry…we’ve got you covered for this year’s Secret Santa or white elephant gift exchange. Here are 25 affordable and thoughtful holiday gift ideas your coworkers will love. A hand-written card Whether funny or sentimental, your coworker will appreciate this hand-written and affordable gift that comes from […]

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What Should I Do if the Holiday Blues Show Up?

For some, the holiday season doesn’t end up feeling like the most wonderful time of the year after all. Instead, it can trigger difficult feelings like sadness, stress, anxiety, and depression.    According to Healthline, depression is more common during the holidays than at other times. Whether it’s a temporary bout of the holiday blues or a more serious depression that’s been simmering beneath the surface, […]

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5 Healthy Holiday Activities That Are Also Fun  

From workplace parties to festivities with friends to family get-togethers, your calendar might be bursting this holiday season with opportunities for eating and drinking outside of your regular routine. Combine that with cold weather and the urge to curl up in front of the fire or a football game on TV, and you might find yourself feeling like a […]

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Nine Healthy Benefits of Personal Time and Meditation

Think of your morning routine – how much time do you spend getting ready? You can easily spend an hour making yourself presentable on the outside, but what are you doing to prepare yourself on the inside? It’s easy to forget that your mental health may need to take precedent over other areas of your […]

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Retirement Healthcare Costs: Are Your Employees Planning Ahead?  

Your workers probably spend a  lot of time and energy worrying about and preparing for retirement expenses. But if they’re like many Americans, they might be overlooking an important aspect of retirement planning: healthcare costs.   According to a 2013 survey conducted by AARP, few adults in their 50s and 60s have begun saving for the healthcare […]

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Why You Should Offer Life Insurance to Your Employees 

If you’ve been thinking about ways to expand employee wellness at your organization, don’t overlook a key benefit that is popular with employees and relatively easy to administer: life insurance. Providing your employees with safety nets like this one can help boost peace of mind, reduce stress, and improve focus on the job.   Read on for some of the key […]

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10 Best Personal Development Books

The notion of personal development is quite nebulous.  Whether you’re looking to increase your wealth, develop your talent and potential, or enhance your quality of life, there are plenty of self-help books out there to choose from.  Finding the right book can be a daunting task, though.  A quick search on Amazon.com results in over […]

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Minimizing Time and Labor Costs for Small Business

Imagine your typical Monday. Everyone is a little groggy in the morning and more than a handful of employees are late to work; we are only human. Employees are a businesses’ greatest asset, but they are also one of the greatest expenses. It’s very important for businesses to accurately and easily keep track of time […]

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Health Savings Accounts and 401(k)s Work Hand in Hand

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) offer a handy way for employees to save on current and future health care needs. Did you know they can work alongside 401(k) accounts to boost retirement savings for both medical and non-medical expenses?Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are often overlooked in the workplace by employers and employees as a vehicle for […]

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COBRA: Your Questions Answered

Have you heard of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, otherwise known as COBRA? If you’ve recently lost employee health insurance benefits due to being laid off or had your hours reduced, you’re likely eligible for COBRA health insurance. But how does COBRA work? Will you continue to receive the same coverage that you did […]

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Keto Diet 101: Why Low Carb High Fat Diets Really Work

The Keto Diet is rapidly becoming one of the hottest nutritional trends since Paleo took the stage – only with more healthy fats, less protein, and virtually zero carbs.  As a quick way to drop extra weight, get lean, and improve one’s overall health, the Keto Diet is all the rage and is now being […]

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Stay Fit Indoors with these Cold Weather Workout Tips!

The rain has returned and now comes the challenge of maintaining your “summer bod” with indoor workouts. Your tan may fade, but your determination to stay healthy will not! If you’re an outdoor workout fanatic, we think you’ll find it surprisingly easy and motivating to stay fit indoors. Here are four ways we love to stay […]

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15 Fall Foods to Boost Your Immune System

The winter is coming! And this is more than just the tagline for Game of Thrones. With fall already here and the cold days of winter ahead it is very important to eat healthy in order to keep your immune system functioning at its best. Here are some of our favorite foods that taste good […]

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What to know for Mental Illness Awareness Month 2019

May is Mental Illness Awareness Month. Millions of Americans are affected by mental health conditions. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. experiences mental illness every year. Help has never been better and more available. Innovations in medicine, therapy and psychiatric services have made recovery and wellness […]

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Aliat Launches our Life in Motion Wellness Program

Here at Aliat, we’re promoting healthy behaviors and lifestyles with a fun, energizing new wellness program called Life in Motion! Every day you’ll receive challenges — they revolve around physical activity, nutrition, weight management, and stress reduction.  They’re all different — some are wacky, others are intriguing — others will teach you things you didn’t […]

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Daily Stretching Improves Stress, Posture, Balance and Flexibility

Experts agree, whether you are working out or not: stretching is important. Admittedly, it is easy to forget to stretch when the benefits to your body are not immediately visible, but stretching can lead to better posture, improved blood flow, and a happier mindset. Wellness experts agree that increased blood flow to the brain from […]

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10 Healthy Back to School Snacks that Kids Will Actually Eat

There’s a new buzzword phrase among parents these days: structured snacking. While habitual grazing that is out of sync with hunger can cause problems for kids and teens, back to school snacks that are timed correctly can help kids maintain energy levels and a healthy weight. The biggest challenge for parents and caregivers is often […]

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Are You Ready for the OregonSaves Retirement Program?

If you own a business in the state of Oregon, you might have heard about OregonSaves, the new state mandated retirement program that began on July 1, 2017 and will be enrolling businesses across the state over the next several years. The program targets companies—most of which are small businesses—that don’t offer a retirement savings […]

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CPR Training in the Workplace Saves Lives

What you know could save lives. Statistics indicate that around 75% of heart attacks occur at home or in the workplace. This is the simplest answer for explaining the importance of CPR training in the workplace. The leading cause of death among adults over 40 years in the United States is sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). […]

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How Office Ergonomics Affects Employee Health and Productivity

Office ergonomics, that thing you always hear about but have never bothered to learn about. We have all been there, but office ergonomics is a very important concern for any smart business owner and employee. Ergonomics is the science of designing the workplace while keeping in mind the limitations and capabilities of the employee. Office […]

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The Importance of an Employee Handbook

For any business, the employee handbook is a critical asset – both for the employer and the employee. Handbooks are a great communication tool – they set forth everything from company culture to company benefits and offers a good overview of the work environment. A healthy business has an accessible and up-to-date handbook that outlines […]

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Wellness Spotlight: How I’m Losing Weight!

For as long as I can remember, I thought it was funny that commercials would show 23 year old models with 10% body fat that would tell you how ‘out of shape’ they were but ‘now that they have been doing (fill in the blank)’ they are losing weight and look better than ever!! I […]

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10 Team Building Exercises That Won’t Make Your Office Cringe

Collaborative. That’s the business adjective of the moment. And why not? Having a collaborative working environment leads to teams that can really trust and depend on each other—a serious benefit to any organization. It improves communications—ever-critical in our modern, fast-paced world—lessens the potential for conflict, and even bolsters skillsets in ways not thought possible. And […]

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Three Strategies to Stay Focused at Work

Hump day, Wednesday, the hardest day of the week to stay focused – so close yet so far from the tantalizing freedom of the weekend. Here you are reading this instead of working, but do not worry, we’re happy you are here. Everyone loses focus, we are only human after all. If you think you […]

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Chia Seeds: All Hype or Truly Helpful?

You might have seen bags of the small black-and-white seeds popping up in the aisles of your grocery store, heard them touted by celebrities for their health benefits, or even tried a recipe yourself. Chia seeds are a hot food trend these days, but where did they come from and are they worth all the […]

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The Four Best Things To Do When Someone Faints

If you’ve ever observed a person faint in you know that it can be an alarming experience—and sometimes difficult to decide what to do in the moment. Do you know the best way to respond if you happen to be nearby? Listen up Portland, Oregon, being prepared can help a person who faints feel better […]

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The Pros and Cons of Coffee

Coffee drinking used to be a simple undertaking. Now it’s exploded into a growing, ever changing, specialized “coffee culture”. These days there are hundreds of brands of coffee, ways to drink and prepare it—even coffee roasting has become an art form. Everywhere you go there seems to be an espresso stand waiting to greet you. […]

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Is Breakfast Still the Most Important Meal of the Day?

This is just what you needed to read on the Internet today. Another “Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day” article. You’ve clicked, you’re reading and you’re all but certain you know what’s going to be in this by now. You’re wondering how this article is any different. It isn’t. You clearly aren’t […]

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The Oregon Equal Pay Act of 2017 and What It Means for You

On June 1, 2017, Oregon governor Kate Brown signed into law House Bill 2005, also called the Equal Pay Act. Do you know what this new law covers and how it could affect your organization? The common name for the law is a bit misleading because it addresses equal compensation, not just pay, for members […]

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Create a Social Media Policy that Protects Your Business and Employees

With social media easily accessible and ubiquitous, it’s likely that your employees will post, blog, or tweet about your company, your workplace culture, or even their fellow employees at some point. How do you ensure that your employees use social media in a way that protects your company’s brand and reputation, and shields your employees […]

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9 Common Ways Small Businesses Fall Out of Compliance

It can be exciting to start a new small business, but there’s also a lot to learn and manage all at once. If you’re not careful, you could find yourself out of compliance with important state and federal regulations and laws—and subject to employee lawsuits or government fines. Here are some of the most common ways […]

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Advantages of Outsourcing for a Small Business

We at Aliat want to ask you something: What did you get into business for? To sell a product? Provide a service? We bet it wasn’t to keep track of paperwork or manage bureaucracy. We bet it wasn’t to spend time running payroll, filing taxes, and spending every other minute reducing risk and adhering to […]

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How Small Businesses Attract Their Industry’s Top Talent in 2019

When running a small business, you’re competing with corporate companies who have it all – a large HR department, higher salaries, and a richer benefits package. Some days it may feel like you just can’t compete. On those days, keep this statistic in mind: 99.7% of employers in the U.S. are small businesses. Without you, […]

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Top 3 Ways to Create a Culture of Financial Wellness

Financial health is an important part of overall employee wellness. And there’s never been a better time to take a look at whether your business creates a culture of financial wellness. More than one in four employees report that issues with personal finances have been a distraction at work, according to a 2016 survey by […]

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Increase in Oregon Minimum Wage on July 1, 2017

Oregon business owners are anticipating another minimum wage increase this summer. On July 1, 2017, all three county divisions will see an increase the minimum wage. $1.50 raise for the Portland Metro area (from $9.75 to $11.25) $0.50 raise for standard counties (from $9.75 to $10.25) $0.50 raise for nonurban counties (from $9.50 to $10) […]

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Walking for Mental Health Awareness Month in Portland

This May, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, the Aliat Team participated in the 15th Annual NAMIWalks Northwest at Portland’s Waterfront Loop. Portland’s NAMIWalk was one of eighty happening throughout the country. Designed to be fun 5k events that bring together people of all ages and fitness levels, NAMIWalks raise awareness and funds for […]

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Outsourcing HR and Payroll is a Smart Move for Small Business

Small Business Fact: Only 10% of small businesses stay open in the first 5 years. If you’re one of the brave few, we admire and salute you. It’s exciting that so many entrepreneurs have taken destiny into their own hands and decided to go into business for themselves. On the one hand, this can be […]

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How a Financial Wellness Program Can Help Your Employees

Did you know that the personal savings rate in the US is half of what it was 50 years ago—or that nearly 7 out of 10 Americans have less than $1,000 in a savings account? No wonder financial concerns are on the rise. In fact, over half of US employees feel anxiety about their finances, […]

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5 Habits of Likable Leaders

Why Should You Be A Likable Leader?                                                                                                                             It’s not really what people say to your face that counts—it’s what they say behind your back. And whatever people say about you over and over soon becomes your reputation. In a world of corporate competition, a little likability can go a long way in helping a […]

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Multiple Employer Plan 401k Added to Aliat

Have you thought of offering a retirement plan but the initial startup costs and fiduciary responsibilities are overwhelming? We are excited to announce we have added a Multiple Employer Plan 401k to our benefits offering. Financial wellness is a key pillar in a healthy business.  This is important not only for the employers that we work with, […]

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Walking Away from my Pre-Diabetic Lifestyle

Author Julie Dent is the Director of Sales Operations at Aliat and a participant in our Wellness Program. It wasn’t very long ago that Wellness was not on my mind – at all. At 34 years old, stress from several outside influencers began taking its toll on my once petite frame. I would lie in bed […]

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9 Solutions for Eye Discomfort at Work

Do you ever experience eye discomfort while at work? Poor lighting, vision or posture can be the culprit of dry, burning or irritated eyes, blurred vision, eyestrain and headaches. Here are 9 ways to help alleviate your eye discomfort: Dim the overhead fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent or unnatural lighting can cause stress to your eyes. Sit […]

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9 Preventative Steps to a Healthy Heart

February is American Heart Health Month – and it makes us wonder, why do we have an entire month dedicated to heart health? Not just a day, or a week, but a whole month. Here’s why… 1 in 4 people die from heart disease in America every year. It is the LEADING cause of death […]

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Do Happy Employees Improve ROI?

We’ve all had the experience of walking into an office and immediately knowing that we’d want to work there. The smiles, the energy, the hustle and bustle of passionate workers – sign us up! And most of us have had the opposite experience: walking into an office and immediately knowing that no amount of money, […]

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4 Reasons Healthy Small Businesses Outsource HR

Author Dr. Bob Kohnle is the CEO & Founder of Aliat. I started Aliat because I believe in the power of small businesses, working together. I think small business owners are the everyday heroes of our business world. It’s tough out there, being the boss (and also sometimes having to take out the garbage, or […]

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I-9 Update Goes Into Effect January 22nd, 2017

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has released a new I-9 form as of November 14, 2016. It may now be used, although the old form will remain valid through January 21, 2017. After that date, you must use the new form. We recommend you update your new hire forms to incorporate the new I-9, […]

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Why You Should Join Orangetheory Fitness in 2017

Is Your New Year’s Resolution “Wellness” …Again? One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is “I want to get in better shape in 2017.” If this is your resolution, Aliat wants to help you succeed. A wellness resolution is not meant to be temporary. Temporary mindsets only result in temporary change. What you need is transformation! This takes […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Wearing Your Wearable

In a survey by CCS Insight, one-third of people who purchase wearable devices stop using them within the first six months. But a wearable isn’t just about the immediate feedback. Here are some tips to stay motivated in the short term and reasons to stick to your wearable for the long term.Tips to Stay Motivated […]

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The Overtime Rule Has Been Blocked: What Now…

UPDATE: A federal judge in Texas put the brakes on the Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) new federal overtime rule, which would have doubled the FLSA’s salary threshold for exemption from overtime pay and would have automatically adjusted the threshold every three years beginning in 2020. What should you do now? At this time, employers do not need to […]

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November 2nd is National Healthy Eating Day

Author Tony Gendvilas is the Chief Benefits Officer at Aliat. November 2nd, 2016 marks the 8th annual National Healthy Eating Day sponsored by the American Heart Association (AHA). The association’s biggest piece of advice is, “Be colorful. You are what you eat!” …and no, this does not include Skittles! Just two days after the biggest candy […]

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Before You Make Plans for 2017 Employee Benefits, Consider This…

Curtis Dent is the Chief Sales Officer at Aliat. As we approach the new year, it’s a smart idea to approach your employee benefits in a new way. For years, small businesses have had the same costly rate increases with little their brokers can do to avoid these increases. This year, Aliat invites you to […]

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4 Reasons to Consider an Applicant Tracking System

HR recruiting technology, more specifically an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), is designed to help improve the overall efficiency of your hiring process and make finding and hiring candidates easier. Here are 4 reasons why small businesses should consider using an ATS: Time-Savings: Using an ATS translates into a 30% time saving during the hiring process. Automation: An […]

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Myth: All Employee Group Health Plans are on a Yearly Contract

Author Curtis Dent is the Chief Sales Officer for Aliat. Myth: All Employee Group Health Plans are on a Yearly Contract FALSE. It is a myth that you are locked into your group health plan for a full year. Truth: All employee group health plans are on a month-to-month contract. Many small business owners are […]

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Need Wellness Inspiration? Watch this American Epidemic

Here’s your daily dose of wellness inspiration! Please take two minutes to watch this video from our friends at Welcoa.Today, there is an epidemic in America. It is bigger than obesity. It is bigger than sitting disease. It is bigger than chronic illness. America has stopped moving. We sit in front of computers and televisions. […]

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Here’s Why Our Entire Office is Signing Up for Orangetheory Fitness

Everyone at Aliat is signing up for Orangetheory Fitness gym memberships…and you should too! Here are four reasons we love OTF, plus our personal reviews.1.  Orangetheory Fitness understands the science behind your heart rate. Started by Ellen Latham M.S., Orangetheory Fitness 60-minute workouts are designed to create Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). When you’re depleted […]

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A Walk To End Alzheimer’s at the Portland International Raceway

Over 3,000 people gathered at the Portland International Raceway on Sunday, September 11th to walk two miles around the track in support of Alzheimer’s Disease. Aliat was honored to participate in raising awareness and funds for the care, support and research of people with this disease. Our team was 1 out of 475 to participate. Together, we […]

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Why an HSA is going to change your view of Healthcare forever

Author Curtis Dent is the Chief Sales Officer at Aliat. What Exactly is an HSA? A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-exempt bank account where you and your employer contribute funds each month to pay for your medical expenses. Instead of paying money to an insurance company, your employer deposits a recurring monthly amount […]

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Upcoming Changes to Federal Overtime Rules

UPDATE: The overtime rule has been blocked. Please click here to view our updated information about the FLSA changes regarding federal overtime rules.  On December 1st, 2016,  there will be important and dramatic changes to the federal overtime rules. These changes are imminent and will impact which of your employees will be eligible for overtime. The Department of […]

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A Police Officer’s Advice on Stress in the Workplace

Before joining the Aliat team as an Executive Business Advocate, Chris Bryant served in the police force for 14 years. Here is one of his stories… The call to 911 reported a man who was disorderly, which is to say, he was just being loud and a bit obnoxious.  That quickly changed. Two cars were […]

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Screen Time at Night is Damaging More Than Your Sleep Schedule

Do you fall asleep with the TV on? Stay up too late on your phone? Cringe when your alarm says “Set for 5 hours and 15 minutes from now”? While you may regret trading an hour of sleep for screen time, new research reveals the effects go deeper than feeling fatigued. Using artificial lighting too […]

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Plant Protein vs. Animal Protein

Would you rather eat beans, nuts and seeds or hot dogs and burgers? A recent article states you’re likely to live longer on a diet of plant-based proteins. A study published in the JAMA International Medicine journal examined more than 131,000 health records over 25 years to determine if people who eat plant-based proteins live […]

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How Telemedicine Lowered My Doctor Bill by Hundreds of Dollars

Hayley Dent is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Aliat.The Wall Street Journal recently released a report on How Telemedicine Is Transforming Health Care. Journalist Melinda Beck states, “After years of big promises, telemedicine is finally living up to its potential.” While the article goes into some controversial points that are shaking up the healthcare industry, […]

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Thank You Park Academy for A Night with Henry Winkler

We’d like to give a big shout out to our friends at Park Academy for hosting a comical and inspiring night! Aliat was proud to sponsor the Park Academy Dinner & Auction “A Night with Henry Winkler” on June 16th, benefiting students with dyslexia. The man of the hour is best known for his starring […]

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