Have you thought of offering a retirement plan but the initial startup costs and fiduciary responsibilities are overwhelming? We are excited to announce we have added a Multiple Employer Plan 401k to our benefits offering.

Financial wellness is a key pillar in a healthy business.  This is important not only for the employers that we work with, but the employees as well.  Help your employees retire on their own terms by providing them the tools to do so.

Some of the perks of joining this new plan include:

  • No Upfront Document Cost: When establishing their own plan, companies typically pay $1,000 – $2,000.


  • Full 360-degree Payroll Automation:  You are removed from the day to day administration of the retirement benefit entirely.


  • Outsourced Fiduciary Duty: Real Benefits Group serves as the Plan Sponsor and Plan Administrator.  We have hired an independent fiduciary to select and monitor investments.  We relieve you of these duties and responsibilities associated with them.


  • Access to the type of plan that only mid-large companies typically have access to:
    • Institutionally priced investments
    • Low cost structure accessed through pooling of multiple-plan assets
    • Sophisticated employee planning and educational tools
    • Data-driven plan health metrics that measure and help improve the number of employees on track to replace enough income in retirement


  • Aliat handles year end census and 5500 reporting. 
    • For large plan filers required to pay an annual independent audit: by rolling into our plan, you roll into our 5500.  Once you’ve filed your final 5500, you’ll no longer incur the annual expense of your plan audit.


  • Independent Plan Designs: Build a plan and profit sharing and/or match that best fits the unique needs of your group.


Already have a 401k retirement plan in place? Ask yourself two questions:


  1. How long has it been since you have had your plan repriced and your investment options benchmarked to ensure suitability?


  1. Would you be open to our team running a free analysis comparing the costs and benefits of your current plan vs. the special negotiated rates we offer our clients?


We have hired a local wealth management firm to run an analysis of our clients’ plans.  At no cost, they will line up your current plan vs. our plan and leading industry competitors so you can see where you actually stand.


If you don’t have a 401k retirement plan in place we can help you get started.


Interested in learning more? Please contact us.