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Your own HR expert that cares about your company as much as you do

Joining Aliat allows companies like yours to offload HR work that isn’t part of their core business – saving you time, money, and reducing risk

  • Be proactive with your HR practices

  • Create a healthy workplace

  • Boost employee engagement & retention

  • Reduce your company’s legal risk

  • Develop a thoughtful hiring strategy

The complete 360° HR package, tailored to your business

Your own HR department, without the overhead. No more crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. Now you can rely on Aliat’s professional staff for all of your HR needs to protect you and your employees, and to help grow your business.

Comprehensive HR team

We handle your unwanted HR tasks and help mitigate your risks. If you have an HR problem or question, you can pick up the phone and call us. Access our robust 24/7 HR Support Center to help you find the answers you need, when you need them.

Compliance and risk management

We have professionals on staff to help you navigate complex HR situations. We provide legal support and guidance in all employment areas, focusing on government compliance, handbooks, conflict resolution, terminations, wage claims and garnishments.

Integrated HR Software

Both employers and employees have access to an employee online dashboard where they can view or update personal information, tax info, and benefits, and use the time & attendance system. Our integrated system allows businesses to grow and scale quickly while keeping costs low and saving a ton of time.

We’ll be your HR experts so you don’t have to be

  • Garnishment Maintenance

  • HR Support, Counsel & Conflict Management

  • Online HR Support Library

  • Employee Orientation & Agenda

  • Employment Policy Guidance

  • National Criminal Background Checks

  • Unemployment Claims

  • Custom Employment Handbooks

  • Compliance Answers

  • Integrated Cloud-Based Platform

  • Employee Posters And Notices

  • Automated Onboarding
    & I-9 Compliance

HR support center

Our cloud-based platform provides access to exclusive, industry-leading HR tools and resources to help you effectively manage your HR, compliance and employee relations needs.

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  • Comprehensive

  • Easy

  • Available 24/7

Your business needs great employees.

Our HR pros can help you find the best talent for your company. Our user-friendly applicant tracking system makes it easy to post jobs, accept resumes, manage applicants, collaborate, and onboard seamlessly.

Enjoy more
Recruiting Channels

Save Time


Grow Faster

Hire the Best

Recruiter Pro

This option is best for those really seeking that personal touch and hands on guidance from our HR professionals.

$299 / position / month

Can be added month to month to any package that has Advanced HR and includes start-to-finish creation, management and assistance for one position.

  • We research salaries, create job descriptions, job duties and requirements, and post jobs ($50/mo job post credit for any platform).

  • Hiring Dashboard Management: We manage and rank all applicants applying to the job post and respond with questions and follow-up interviews.

  • We meet with you to determine your wants and needs of your ideal employee.

  • We create phone screening questions and do phone screenings with applicants. After phone screens, we rate them and give you our top recommendations.

  • We work with your hiring manager to make face-to-face interview questions and advise on applicants.

  • We create offer letters, conduct employment verification, reference checks, negotiation coaching, and handle new hire paperwork.

  • Our HR Pros consult, advise and make recommendations on applicants.

  • Can hire multiple employees for the same position and job posting.

Recruiter Elite

Need to hire a lot of people in the same position or struggling to find the right person for a key role? This system matches an applicant’s core values to custom-made job profiles.

$499 / position / month + TPP Cost

Can be added month-to-month to any package and works best with Recruiting Pro but can be used as a standalone. It uses advanced psychometric recruiting algorithms to find your ideal candidate and drastically reduces employee turnover.

  • 3 free CVIs during first month active (each additional CVI is $50)

  • $50 credit in job posting to sites per month active

  • All applicants shared with you will be highly recommended for the position based off psychometric algorithms

  • Custom TPP (Top Performer Profile) is a one time charge of $2,000 each with unlimited use thereafter

  • Advanced psychometric reports on each applicant and employee

  • Customized interview questions tailored to individual CVIs

  • Unlimited CVI tests during job postings for all applicants

  • In office CVI training to all employees available upon request

Core Value Index

The Core Values Index (CVI)

The CVI assessment can provide great insights into an individual’s personality and communication style which can assist in training and recruiting needs. Employers have used the CVI in team settings as a way to become more familiar with each team members’ values and most meaningful contributions, helping them work more effectively together.

Want to learn more about how you can use the CVI to build a stronger workplace community?

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Take Your CVI

HR & Comp

Pros for all of your HR needs to stay compliant and grow your business.

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5-star benefits packages to give your employees the best care at the lowest rates.

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Risk Reduction

A proactive approach to risk management to keep your business protected.

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Boost engagement, health and quality of life through our wellness program.

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An integrated platform to automate and simplify your payroll process.

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  • As the past CFO of an Oregon company with 200 employees, we had dedicated HR people on staff and a very sophisticated payroll processing system. Now transitioned to leadership in a specialized 9 person company with no HR specialist on staff and no sophisticated payroll system. All of the employer liability is squarely on my shoulders and I do not have the time available to dedicate the attention I know from experience I should be giving to these administrative responsibilities.

    R.B. Brandvold

    CFO, JT Smith Companies

  • When you’re the guy driving the truck with the other guys, or when you’re a passionate leader focused on growth, it can be hard to offer a neutral HR presence to your team. Now when an employee has a question or concern, I know they can get the answers they need.

    Jim Hinkley

    CEO, Environmental Business Solutions

  • It’s nice to be able to call my Aliat HR staff, explain my scenario, and get real help. HR is where you guys are priceless to me. It’s a liability thing. You protect us.

    Colleen Knighton

    Owner and CEO, Beaverton Plumbing

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