Have you seen the Cigna TV Doctors of America commercial? Famous actors – Neil Patrick Harris, Patrick Dempsey, Kate Walsh, and Donald Faison – who pretend to save lives on TV, have joined forces and are on a personal and passionate mission to save real lives. They are urging all Americans to get an annual preventive-care check-up. According to the CDC:



You may say, “I feel fine” or “I don’t have any issues to see my doctor about.” But, even when you’re in the best shape of your life, a serious condition with no symptoms can crop up. Preventive-care checkups (aka wellness exams) are intended to PREVENT serious chronic diseases. Your annual exam is specifically designed for when you don’t have any symptoms and haven’t been diagnosed with any health issues.

It’s important to find health problems early. The earlier a disease is diagnosed, the more likely it can be cured or successfully managed. The right preventive care, at every stage of life, can help you stay healthy by:

• Preventing certain illnesses and health conditions from happening
• Detecting health problems at initial stages, when they may be easier to treat




Do you know your numbers? There are four of them you need to be aware of. Knowing them is the key to taking control of your health. Ask your doctor at your annual check-up for the following health numbers:

1. Blood Pressure
2. Cholesterol
3. Blood Sugar
4. Body Mass Index (BMI)


Once you know them, plug them into this tool to find the healthy range for each and keep track of them. This will help you catch chronic conditions early and prevent them from becoming life-threatening.


It’s been said that the greatest wealth is health. Much like money, good health is an investment. Sadly, chronic diseases account for 75% of the nation’s health spending. But if you invest in preventive healthcare, you can save money and keep your healthcare spending to a minimum. Moreover, your wellness exam may not cost you anything. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), preventive services, if provided by a professional in your plan’s network, are 100% covered by insurance at no additional cost to you.




These preventive services for adults are 100% covered under the ACA:

• Blood Pressure Screening
• Cholesterol Screening
• HIV Screening
• Immunization Vaccines
• Diabetes (Type 2) Screening
• Obesity Screening
• Breast Cancer Mammography (Female)
• Colorectal Cancer (Male)


If you want to live a healthy life, the first step is to take control of your health. Here are the top six things you can do to be healthier:

• Know and track your numbers
• Get the recommended screening tests mentioned above
• Be tobacco-free
• Be physically active
• Eat a healthy diet
• Maintain a healthy weight

Making healthy lifestyle choices is key to good health and well-being. Make the choice to get your recommended annual check-up. Call or page the TV Doctors of America today to set up your annual check-up reminder!


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