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Take Control Over the Cost and Quality of Your Healthcare

Managing rising costs is a critical part of growing a healthy business. Our program enables cost controls where they’re needed most: your healthcare.

The system is broken.

Small businesses are one of its biggest casualties

By pooling together small businesses, we’re able to give our members premium heathcare benefits at the lowest rates. Aliat has partnered with Cigna to deliver you not only 5 star benefits, but an innovative wellness platform to incentivize, educate and empower employers and employees, so they can take healthcare – and its costs – into their own hands.

Together we can lower the cost of healthcare, one employee at a time.

Our Guarantee

Aliat makes healthcare costs manageable with proven healthy business strategies. Wherever your company is on its wellness journey, we’ll help you fly.

Our health plans are provided by CIGNA, who delivers an industry-leading medical cost trend among national competitors. This program is tailored to business’ unique needs and goals to:

  • Identify & prevent

  • Manage care

  • Educate

  • Save Money

By participating in our FREEDOM to FLY program, your business can enjoy high quality healthcare, a reduced medical cost trend and a happier, healthier workplace.

Go All-In for Your Business



Gain access to our Freedom To Fly Guarantee, Advanced HR, Advanced Payroll, Compliance, 5 Star Benefits and our Employee Wellness program for $89 per employee per month.

Advanced HR

Advanced Payroll



Freedom To Fly Guarantee


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By pursuing a tobacco-free work environment, encouraging your employees to schedule annual check ups, and participating in our wellness program, you can control your healthcare costs. We’ll show you how.

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