Author Curtis Dent is the Chief Sales Officer for Aliat.

Myth: All Employee Group Health Plans are on a Yearly Contract

FALSE. It is a myth that you are locked into your group health plan for a full year.

Truth: All employee group health plans are on a month-to-month contract.

Many small business owners are told by their brokers, “You only receive an insurance quote once per year. You are locked into an annual contract.”

Although many small businesses choose to renew their benefits once per year, you are not obligated to stay in your contract for a full 12 months. Per federal regulations, all group health plans are month-to-month. If a better option comes along, it’s in your best interest to change your benefits plan. Why spend the extra money when you could start saving the difference on the 1st of next month?

Here’s a reason we often come across…

Small business owners dislike dealing with the renewal process.

And here’s how we can help…

In the current small group marketplace, you have been repeating this cycle every year. You call up your insurance broker, receive a quote that’s about 10-12% higher than the last year and think, ‘When will these rate increases stop?’


The truth is…the longer you are on your plan, the coverage only gets worse under the current model.

Healthcare is the most out of control cost for any business. When working through the typical broker model, insurance rates are going to go up. Your healthcare budget is going to deplete. You’ll be sitting in your office weighing the pros and cons of renewing your benefits plan – or even offering a benefits plan at all – asking yourself questions such as:

  • How will this renewal increase impact my healthcare budget?
  • How will an increase in the cost of care affect my health insurance bill?
  • How would a change in the quality of benefits impact my employee satisfaction and retention?
  • How will all of this affect my family?


With Aliat, you can stop repeating this cycle year after year. We’re offering the opportunity for small businesses to join with us in solving the burden of rising healthcare costs.

The Aliat Difference

We are not an insurance broker. We are a PEO that works directly with Cigna to bring better benefits and lower healthcare rates to small businesses. Because we are a large company, we have a say in the design of our medical plans, and we help employers discover the best care options for their team’s specific needs.

As a PEO, our goal is to reduce waste, cost and to optimize efficiency. We provide a world class customer service team and a sophisticated HR, payroll, benefits and compliance platform. But we don’t stop there – we also provide the best and most affordable healthcare coverage to small and midsized businesses.

Our mission:

  • To bring the most value to you and your employees.
  • To make your business competitive by attracting the best employees with superior benefits packages.
  • To keep your costs under control.
  • To empower employers with the ability to directly impact their healthcare costs
  • To keep you and your employees happy, engaged and healthy

With richer benefits and a proactive wellness program, you have happier and healthier employees. With happier and healthier employees, productivity improves. And so does your bottom line. Everyone wins.

If you feel this article is speaking to the challenges you have as a small business owner, we encourage you to look deeper into our program. You don’t have to wait until your annual renewal date to switch to a better option. Request a consultation today.