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What services does Aliat offer?

HRIS VS HCM VS HRMS List of Aliat services Aliat offers a complete back-office suite of services like payroll, benefits, HR fully integrated through a cloud base system that is an HRMS ERP platform.

Does Aliat sell any of the services a la carte or standalone?

No, we provide a full suite of services which creates efficiencies for your organization (Total Cost of Ownership).

How much does Aliat’s services cost?

$109 per employee per month

Is there a setup fee?

Yes, there will be a one-time minimal setup fee presented during the proposal process based off the number of employees that you have

When will I first be billed for your services?

When you run you first payroll

How long is the sales process?

45 to 60 days depending on how quick we receive the necessary information for set-up and how many employees you have.

When do you recommend I start with Aliat to limit headaches switching from another payroll provider?

Best is at the first of your business cycle year (fiscal or calendar), after that, the beginning of each quarter.

What is the quickest timeline I can start with Aliat?


What information will I need to provide to get started?

You will need to provide copies of your payroll tax returns, state and federal ID numbers, an employee census, and more depending on your company. We will work with you and assist in gathering the necessary information.

Can you service sole proprietor businesses?

No, Aliat’s services are for companies that manage employees.

I only have two employees; can I still partner with Aliat?

Yes, however, our ideal range to best serve our clients generally has 10 employees and up, so a partnership with us may not be ideal if you are under 10 employees. Our fully integrated services are focused on the Human Captial part of your business. If you are a startup and planning on growing with two current employees, we can discuss your business plan and see if we can handle the internal parts of your company so you can focus on your growth and services.

I have 1,000 employees; can I still partner with Aliat?

Yes, we have a fully integrated HRMS platform that provides the technology that larger companies seek for their internal processes, including API connections, time and attendance, electronic records, and performance management to name a few of our services. Set up times will be longer.

Why should I choose Aliat over other competitors?

Aliat focuses on your company’s needs. We are not a solution you have to fit; we work hard to customize to your needs, reducing redundancies and increasing efficiencies through our integrated platform (via data transfer, reports etc.).

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