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Can you help with Workers Comp?

Yes. Aliat partners with several work comp carriers to provide you with the best possible coverage.

Why do I need to get registered in another state?

There are several reasons why you may need to get registered in another state. One of the most common with employers today is if they have a remote employee in a different state that your business is domiciled in. You not only need to register with the state department of revenue for tax purposes, but you will also need a foreign qualification in that state as well. If you think you may need to qualify, please reach out to [email protected]. We will provide a free consultation to figure out if you need to apply in these states.

What is a foreign qualification and why they are needed?

A foreign qualification is the process of registering your business with the Secretary of State in a state that you are not domiciled in. Most states require some kind of registration if you are going to be conducting business there. If you have a remote employee in a state that you are not domiciled in, chances are you are required to apply for a foreign qualification under that states laws. For more info, email [email protected].

Difference in "Pay as you go" vs Annual premium payments

Pay as you go – Is the process of paying work comp premiums on a monthly basis that is based on live payroll data. This payment method will help reduce overpaying or underpaying in work comp premiums and will provide more accurate data at the end of your policy year for audit purposes. Annual Premium – Is the most common work comp payment type. Premiums are based on predicted annual payroll at the beginning of the policy year and the premiums reflect those predictions. This can lead to underpaying premiums on the policy found during audit season that can lead to an invoice to be paid to the carrier before the policy can be renewed for the following year.

Items needed when applying for work comp coverage

  • Last 5 years of loss history that can be obtained from your current work comp provider.
  • An application that Aliat, Inc will help you complete.
  For information on acquiring a work comp policy, please contact [email protected]

I won’t be doing business in a state, I am only hiring a remote employee there. Do I still need to file all the tax paperwork?

Yes, even if an employee is working from home in another state, you will need to get registered there. Aliat can assist with all payroll tax registrations in any state you hire employees in.

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