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Will you register my business for payroll tax accounts?

Yes, we will register your business for all state payroll taxes with all applicable state payroll tax agencies. We will not register your business for a Federal EIN, but we can assist in this process if needed.

Will you file my business’s state payroll taxes?

Yes, we file all state payroll taxes you are liable for, including localities and counties.

Will you file my business’s federal payroll taxes?

Yes, we file the quarterly 941 forms as well as the annual 940 form. We also report all W3s annually to the SSO.

How often do you file payroll taxes?

We file all payroll taxes per their individual schedule. Most are quarterly, but we also file all monthly and annual ones that your business is liable for.

Do you pay my business’s payroll taxes?

Yes, we pay all payroll taxes, both state and federal, following their individual schedules.

How often do you pay payroll taxes?

We follow each payroll taxing agencies’ individual schedule for payments. Some are daily, some are weekly, some are monthly, some are quarterly, and some are annually, but we pay them all on your behalf from Aliat’s account.

How are payroll taxes deducted from my account?

All payroll taxes are pulled from your account in one lump-sum transaction at the time we run your payrolls. We then use the money to pay all of your payroll taxes per their individualized schedules from our account.

Do you manage my business’s state payroll tax accounts?

Yes, we will manage your state payroll accounts as needed.

Do you file my business’s corporate taxes?

No, we do not file, pay or manage any corporate level taxes for your business. Typically, each state does require corporate level tax returns to be completed. This is typically handled by your accounting team or a consulting CPA firm, which Aliat does not include in our suite of services. We can assist with providing information and reports as needed.

What happens if I hire an employee in a new state?

If you hire an employee in a new state, then Aliat will work with you to get your business registered within that state. Aliat will complete all applications to get your business registered with the SOS and all payroll taxing agencies present within that state so that your employees’ payroll is compliant within that specific state.

How much notice do I need to give when I plan to hire an employee in a new state?

As much notice as you can give, the better. However, we will not be able to complete applications until we have a start date and a state specific address, even if the employee will be working from home.

What happens if one of my current employees moves to another state?

If your employee moves to another state, let us know as soon as you know they will be moving. Aliat will then register your business in the state with the SOS as well as all payroll taxing agencies applicable to that state so that your employees’ payrolls are compliant within that state once they move.

Can I hire employees who will be working outside of the US?

No, Aliat does not provide international services. However, we have partners we can direct you to if you decide to hire internationally.

If I get a notice regarding taxes, what should I do?

If you get any kind of payroll tax notice from any agency that is applicable to your time partnered with us, you can send it to us to resolve. If it is from a time before you were partnered with us, you can send it to us, and we can advise you on how to resolve it.

Will you assist in state payroll tax audits?

Yes, we can provide reports and any needed information needed to assist in state payroll tax audits. We can also assist directly with the state if needed on your behalf.

Will I have to close my payroll tax accounts when joining Aliat?

If you are joining as a PEO or will have employees in a PEO-reporting state, then your own state IDs and accounts in those states and federally are no longer needed. All your payroll taxes will be reported and paid under Aliat’s ID numbers. If you are joining as an ASO or will have employees in a client-reporting state, then your accounts will need to remain active as all payroll taxes will be filed and paid by Aliat staff under your company’s ID numbers.

Will you file amended returns if needed?

Yes, we will produce amended payroll tax returns and file them as needed.

What payroll tax advantages does my business gain by partnering with Aliat?

By partnering with Aliat, you have a dedicated team who will file and pay all of your payroll taxes on your behalf so you don’t have to think about it. Aliat will also register your business in all states needed for all taxing agencies required in that state, saving you a lot of time and energy to focus on your core business. You will always have someone to send any annoying payroll tax notices to and who will handle and resolve it for your business. Payroll taxes are one of the least “fun” aspects of starting your own business. By partnering with Aliat, we are taking that burden off your plate, so you can focus your time and energy on more important things that benefit why you started your business in the first place.

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