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How can I ensure my employee handbook is up to date for every state I have employees in?

Your Aliat HR team will advise on any applicable policies that should be added to your employee handbook. In addition, regular email alerts will be sent regarding any new policies that may apply. Contact Aliat HR for a review of your handbook.

Does Aliat charge per hour for advisory services?

All advisory services are included in your partnership with Aliat. We care about the health of your business and want to partner with you to ensure all HR concerns are addressed.

Will my employees have access to a learning management system (LMS)?

Yes, Aliat offers an LMS with over 300 online courses that can be accessed at any time during your partnership with Aliat. These courses include topics like: state-mandated sexual harassment prevention, OSHA, professional development, manager training, and much more. No extra fees are included for usage of the LMS.

Can my employees contact Aliat HR directly?

Yes, Aliat HR advisory services is available not only for the employer, but employees as well.

Does Aliat offer mediation services?

Yes, Aliat HR can assist with mediation as needed.

Do you offer background checks?

Yes, included with your partnership with Aliat is a free national criminal and SSN verification background check. We also offer several other background check options such as employment verification, credit check, and motor vehicle record.

What is the estimated turnaround time for updating Employee Handbooks?

Aliat prides itself on a quick turnaround with all client requests. Depending on the updates necessary, you can expect 1-2 days for minor policy changes and 1-3 weeks for major policy changes.

Can Aliat complete Employment Verifications on our behalf?

Yes, Aliat can complete all verification of employment requests you may receive.

Does Aliat offer templates for general HR documents?

Yes, through Aliat’s People Risk Management software integrated with the HRMS, we offer hundreds of templates for general HR documents. Aliat can assist in updating these templates for your specific scenario.

Does Aliat offer recruiting services?

Included in your partnership, Aliat offers an integrated Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which provides a self-service recruiting platform. Aliat HR can provide a customized quote for recruiting services based on your company’s needs if you would prefer assistance in recruiting.

Does Aliat help with unemployment claims?

Yes, Aliat can assist in completing unemployment claims to ensure compliance with the state.

Will Aliat assist with new hire reporting?

Yes, Aliat completes all new hire reporting for all states to ensure compliance.

Can Aliat assist in writing job descriptions?

Yes, Aliat’s HR team can provide template job descriptions and assist in customizing these documents to fit your specific position.

Does Aliat offer a performance management system?

While Aliat’s HRMS offers an integrated performance management system (PMS), this feature is an additional cost outside of your partnership with Aliat. Contact our Sales team today to discuss more.

Can Aliat write custom employment policies?

Yes, depending on your company policy needs, Aliat HR will discuss your goals for the policy and assist in providing a policy outline that supports best practices.

What HR and employment advantages does my business gain by partnering with Aliat?

Aliat’s goal is to empower businesses to thrive. We come alongside your team as experts in HR, so you don’t have to be. HR is an ever-changing aspect of business and utilizing a partner that looks out for your best interests will benefit your team’s culture, reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, and ensure compliance for less administrative headaches.

Is E-Verify an included feature?

While E-Verify is integrated with Aliat’s HRMS to automatically verify SSNs, this feature is an additional cost outside of your partnership with Aliat. Contact our Sales team today to discuss more.

Where can I find a copy of my Employee Handbook?

If your company has a finalized Employee Handbook, you can download a copy by going to Documents in your Employee Portal.

If I ask for advice from Aliat, can I request confidentiality?

Absolutely, your conversations with Aliat can be confidential unless Aliat is required to disclose information by law. Aliat will alert you if any discussions require a disclosure.

Will Aliat provide my company a compliance poster yearly?

Yes, Aliat will send you a compliance poster annually to your main location. If you are in need of additional compliance posters, please contact [email protected]

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