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Frequently Asked Questions

About Aliat

  • Who is Aliat?

    Aliat is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that specializes in outsourcing Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits, Wellness and Risk Reduction for small-to-midsize businesses.

    We manage a whole spectrum of administrative functions with industry-leading integrated software that streamlines your business’ back end. Instead of outsourcing to multiple providers, Aliat offers businesses a one-stop solution with hands-on customer support.

  • How does a PEO work?

    A PEO differs from other administrative outsourcing options because we begin a co-employment agreement with your business. This allows us to pool together multiple small to mid-sized businesses under one umbrella entity, allowing for greater buying power in the marketplace to bring you and your employees the best prices and benefits available. With a PEO, small and mid-sized businesses have access to the same caliber benefits as large companies do.

  • Will a co-employment agreement change my business?

    No. Being co-employed with Aliat means that your employees will have two employers: your business as the common law employer and Aliat as the administrative employer.

    Aliat does not intervene with your day to day operations or with the direct supervision and management of your employees. Instead, we focus on all of the back-office administration, liability and compliance matters, allowing you to spend your time doing what you love.

    We are here to support your business as much or as little as you need, and to ensure that you, your business and your employees are covered.

  • What makes Aliat different from other competitors?

    Aliat is the only PEO that allows small groups to access premiere Cigna benefits and to participate in an exclusive, high-performance healthcare network that helps smaller businesses take control over the cost and quality of their healthcare.

    Our model puts power in the business owners’ hands, enabling them to take actions that control the cost of healthcare each year. No other competitor can offer a healthcare rate stabilization guarantee except for Aliat.

    Visit our compare us page to see what else sets Aliat apart.

  • What are your prices?

    We offer four unique administrative packages to meet your business’s needs, with prices ranging from $39 – $89 PEPM (per employee per month). Visit our pricing page to learn more.

    To get pricing for medical, dental, vision, and other supplemental benefit plans, please visit here to begin our easy quoting process.

Human Resources

  • Will I get a dedicated HR specialist?

    Yes. We have a comprehensive HR team dedicated to serving you and your business. Our HR pros help you stay compliant, mitigate risks, and assist you with your complex HR tasks. If you have any questions or are seeking advice on an HR issue, you can call or email us at any time. You also will have access to our robust 24/7 HR Support Center library.

  • Do you offer recruiting tools and hiring assistance?

    Yes. Our cloud-based platform provides access to exclusive, industry-leading HR tools and resources to help you effectively manage all of your recruiting needs.

    Our HR pros can assist you in creating and reviewing hiring documents, creating interview questions, conducting background checks, and more. Our user-friendly applicant tracking and new-hire onboarding systems make it easy to post jobs, accept resumes, manage applicants, collaborate, and hire new employees seamlessly.

  • Is there an online employee/employer portal?

    Yes. Our solution comes with easy to use cloud-based integrated HR software that gives both employers and employees access to online dashboards where they can manage, view and update personal information, tax info, benefits, and use the time & attendance system.


    • Can you help process my payroll?

      Yes. We have a dedicated payroll and account management team ready to assist with all aspects of payroll including payroll processing, garnishment processing & calculation, tax management, on demand reports and more. Our best-in-class payroll software and hands-on customer support mean you no longer need to dread payday.

    • Can I choose when my employees are paid?

      Yes. Aliat allows you to process your payroll any day of the month and in whichever frequency you prefer (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, or Monthly).

    • How do employees receive their paystubs/pay history data/W2s?

      We offer an easy-to-use cloud-based employee portal for all payroll inquires including paystubs, pay history, W2 access, time-off requests and more.

    • Does Aliat file our W2s?

      Yes. We file all W2s for the months you are partnered with Aliat and distribute them to your employees digitally via the employee self-service portal. We also file your annual W3s.


      • What healthcare plans do you offer?

        We work with you to get the best medical, dental and vision plans from the nation’s top carriers to that fit the unique needs of your business. We’ve worked diligently to secure preferred contracts with key carriers enabling you to compete with the benefit offerings of Fortune 500 companies.

        We also offer premiere medical plans nationwide through Cigna (Aliat’s own health plan), who delivers an industry-leading medical cost trend among national competitors. All of our Cigna health plans include medical and Rx coverage with an account management team assigned to your company for a high level of customer service. Learn more.

      • What is the “Freedom to Fly Guarantee”?

        When enrolled in our All-In package, Aliat’s Freedom to Fly program allows companies to enjoy high quality healthcare and a happier, healthier workplace with strategies that also control your healthcare costs.

        Participating in Freedom to Fly results in a cost-controlled healthcare environment with a guaranteed lower healthcare rate renewal. Learn more.

      • Do you offer retirement plans/401k’s/403(b)?

        Yes. Aliat is proud to offer 401k’s and 403(b)’s through Mass Mutual. Learn more about our retirement plans and other supplemental benefits your employees can enjoy here.

Risk Reduction

      • Do you offer worker’s compensation?

        Yes. We offer compliant workers’ compensation coverage for your employees in every state at affordable rates. Visit here to learn more.

      • Do you offer programs to support workplace safety?

        Yes. Aliat offers workplace safety consultations to support management and programs that are already in place at your business. Aliat can also provide monthly risk management reports and risk management education to prevent future claims.

      • Do you offer Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)?

        Yes. EPLI is included in all our packages. To find out why EPLI is important for your company, please visit our Risk Reduction page.


      • How does your wellness program work?

        Aliat’s Life in Motion wellness program applies population health management strategies that have proven effective in engaging employees and containing cost. These strategies include an online gamification of wellness, completing an online health assessment, visiting your doctor for a preventive exam, and getting a biometric screening.

        We help employers achieve a positive return on investment and have a positive impact on health status, productivity, and quality of life. Visit our Wellness page for more information.

      • Is there a mobile app for your wellness program?

        Yes. You can participate in our online wellness dashboard via the ‘Sonic Boom Wellness’ app.

      • Are there rewards for participation?

        Yes. Everyone who participates in Life in Motion can cash out gift cards from a list of several stores or restaurants after completing incremental goals. Prizes are purchased and distributed to your employees via Aliat.

Other FAQ’s…

      • Will we still be allowed to follow employment rules for a small organization like we do now, or will we have to follow rules that govern larger companies, like yours?

        You will follow the employment rules for a company of your size.

      • Do our employees work for Aliat or for our company in a co-employment agreement?

        They are your employees and work for your company. You are the common law and controlling employer and thus you maintain 100% of the direction and control of your employees. Our client service agreement (CSA) outlines the tasks and responsibilities where we aid and share in the employment liability.

      • Will our employee’s paystubs come from our company or from Aliat?

        They will come from Aliat. As the administrative employer, we will process the payroll and taxes and file them under our tax payer ID. Because of this, your employee’s paystubs will have our name and logo on them and their direct deposits will be deposited from our name.

      • Since our company is a non-profit and Aliat is for profit, how are annual 990s handled?

        There is no change in the process you currently are using when you join the Aliat family of companies.

      • What happens to our Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)?

        In a co-employment relationship, your business will come under Aliat’s EIN so that we can process your payrolls and file payroll taxes for you. Your business’s EIN remains dormant for payroll and payroll tax purposes only; you still use it for grants, workers’ compensation, etc.

        If you do decide to terminate your co-employment with Aliat, then you will resume using your EIN for payroll and filing payroll taxes after separation.

      • How do we maintain our tax-exempt status under your EIN?

        This does not change, you are under our EIN for payroll, payroll taxes and benefits.  You maintain your EIN otherwise.

      • How are donations & tax receipts to our organization handled?

        They are handled in the same manner as you currently are processing them, that financial function is not altered when you join Aliat.

      • How does Aliat handle my federal payroll taxes?

        When you join Aliat, all your payrolls are reported under Aliat’s Federal EIN. When coming onboard with us, all you have to do is file your last quarter’s 941 (box 17) indicating the effective date that you will stop paying your employees on. This suspends payroll tax reporting under your business’s Federal EIN while you are partnered with us. We will then add your employees to our Federal EIN and report your payroll taxes for you moving forward.

      • How does Aliat handle my state & city payroll taxes?

        For PEO reporting states (i.e. Oregon), we immediately start filing your business under our state tax ID numbers. Just like with federal reporting, you will want to indicate on your last quarterly return that it is your final return because you will be on Aliat’s moving forward.

        For client reporting states (i.e. Washington), we continue to report under your existing account information. When you onboard with us, we will collect your state ID numbers so that we can file these for you moving forward.

      • What if I get a notice from my state that I haven’t filed my payroll taxes?

        If you are in a PEO reporting state, all future reporting goes under our tax ID number. When you come onboard with us, we file documentation with the state telling them you are part of our PEO. Unfortunately, the state can be behind in processing this, so you may still receive non-filing notices for several quarters. If this happens, just email us a copy of the form and we will take care of it.

      • Will my business still be eligible for small business tax breaks after joining Aliat?

        Yes. Joining Aliat does not change your eligibility for small business tax breaks such as the 20 percent tax deduction created by Section 199A.

Additional Questions? Contact us at discover@myaliat.com!

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  • Recently Crosslake Technologies has signed on as a new client to Aliat. As we go through our onboarding, I just wanted to complement your team on their service levels and knowledge. The pre-sales experience, and now post-close onboarding process, has been very smooth and the team is very communicative when there has been an issue. They have been patient with our questions and very responsive with the right level of detail. Everyone seems to care and follows up on issues. This is a great start to what I hope is a long-term relationship, and helps create confidence that we made the right decision!

    James Waletzky

    Partner, Crosslake Technologies

  • Now that I am with Aliat, I can focus more on my company. To have a team already doing the research is great. It’s nice to be in a partnership with a PEO that gets it – and has the buying power of the big guys.

    Paula Bronleewe

    Owner and CEO, Bronleewe, Inc.