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Will I have to close my payroll tax accounts when joining Aliat?

If you are joining as a PEO or will have employees in a PEO-reporting state, then your own state IDs and accounts in those states and federally are no longer needed. All your payroll taxes will be reported and paid under Aliat’s ID numbers. If you are joining as an ASO or will have employees in a client-reporting state, then your accounts will need to remain active as all payroll taxes will be filed and paid by Aliat staff under your company’s ID numbers.

Will you file amended returns if needed?

Yes, we will produce amended payroll tax returns and file them as needed.

What payroll tax advantages does my business gain by partnering with Aliat?

By partnering with Aliat, you have a dedicated team who will file and pay all of your payroll taxes on your behalf so you don’t have to think about it. Aliat will also register your business in all states needed for all taxing agencies required in that state, saving you a lot of time and energy to focus on your core business. You will always have someone to send any annoying payroll tax notices to and who will handle and resolve it for your business. Payroll taxes are one of the least “fun” aspects of starting your own business. By partnering with Aliat, we are taking that burden off your plate, so you can focus your time and energy on more important things that benefit why you started your business in the first place.

Do you handle my business’s accounting?

We can assist in providing the necessary information from payroll data but we do not manage your internal business accounting.

Do you provide G/L imports of payrolls ran in your payroll system to our accounting software?

Depending on your accounting software, we can set up a G/L import file based on your chart of accounts.

What services does Aliat offer?

HRIS VS HCM VS HRMS List of Aliat services Aliat offers a complete back-office suite of services like payroll, benefits, HR fully integrated through a cloud base system that is an HRMS ERP platform.

Does Aliat sell any of the services a la carte or standalone?

No, we provide a full suite of services which creates efficiencies for your organization (Total Cost of Ownership).

How much does Aliat’s services cost?

$109 per employee per month

Is there a setup fee?

Yes, there will be a one-time minimal setup fee presented during the proposal process based off the number of employees that you have

When will I first be billed for your services?

When you run you first payroll

How long is the sales process?

45 to 60 days depending on how quick we receive the necessary information for set-up and how many employees you have.

When do you recommend I start with Aliat to limit headaches switching from another payroll provider?

Best is at the first of your business cycle year (fiscal or calendar), after that, the beginning of each quarter.

What is the quickest timeline I can start with Aliat?


What information will I need to provide to get started?

You will need to provide copies of your payroll tax returns, state and federal ID numbers, an employee census, and more depending on your company. We will work with you and assist in gathering the necessary information.

Can you service sole proprietor businesses?

No, Aliat’s services are for companies that manage employees.

I only have two employees; can I still partner with Aliat?

Yes, however, our ideal range to best serve our clients generally has 10 employees and up, so a partnership with us may not be ideal if you are under 10 employees. Our fully integrated services are focused on the Human Captial part of your business. If you are a startup and planning on growing with two current employees, we can discuss your business plan and see if we can handle the internal parts of your company so you can focus on your growth and services.

I have 1,000 employees; can I still partner with Aliat?

Yes, we have a fully integrated HRMS platform that provides the technology that larger companies seek for their internal processes, including API connections, time and attendance, electronic records, and performance management to name a few of our services. Set up times will be longer.

Why should I choose Aliat over other competitors?

Aliat focuses on your company’s needs. We are not a solution you have to fit; we work hard to customize to your needs, reducing redundancies and increasing efficiencies through our integrated platform (via data transfer, reports etc.).

How long is the implementation process?

Depending on the size of your company, we shoot for a 45-day implementation process.

Will I receive training on the system?

Yes. We are available every step of the way, and will provide training for as long as needed.

Will you help onboard all of my employees?

Yes. Employees can reach out to us directly any time they need assistance.

What information and documents will I need to provide to get fully set up

We’ll provide a complete list of documents needed based on your business set up.

How much support from Aliat will I get during implementation?

We are available every step of the way.

What is a PEO?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) arrangement is defined as a co-employment relationship between a licensed Professional Employer Organization and a business (client). In a PEO relationship, the PEO becomes the employer of record for purposes of assuming and managing employer related responsibilities such as payroll and tax compliance, human resources, workers' compensation and employee benefits among others. The advantages of partnering with a PEO not only include obvious benefits such as transferring employer related liabilities and responsibilities but also provides an essential benefit by freeing up time for the business and key staff members to focus on core activities of the business versus employment related, non-revenue generating administrative activities. So why would you choose the PEO option? There are many factors to consider when choosing an outsourcing solution for your business and the PEO option provides so many benefits that it would be impossible for me to highlight all of them in a single article. I can however highlight some of the key advantages of the PEO arrangement for you to consider: The first advantage is the co-employment relationship. Simple definition - you transfer all of the payroll processing and tax compliance responsibilities to someone else.
  • The second advantage is the state unemployment tax rate. Simple definition - you are now under the PEO's SUTA rate. If you have had a high employee turnover experience in the past and have a high SUTA rate you could benefit significantly being under the PEO's lower SUTA rate.
  • The third advantage is the workers' compensation. Simple definition - you are now under the PEO's master workers' compensation policy and can say goodbye to annual workers' comp audits and premium deposits.
  • The fourth advantage is the expertise. Simple definition - you no longer have to be an expert at everything. Through the PEO relationship you now have access to a team of professionals and industry experts dedicated to helping you manage the risks and responsibilities related to your business and your employees.
Using a PEO will reduce the cost of doing business and free your management team from administrative work that slows productivity. Most importantly, it gives you the freedom of mind in knowing you are working with a trusted organization that will enable you to concentrate on business while we take care of your most important investment-your employees.

What is an ASO?

The ASO acronym has actually been defined using a few different terms, i.e. Administrative Services Only, Administrative Services Outsourcing or Administrative Services Organization. All of which provide an essential benefit to businesses (clients) by offering a suite of services similar to the PEO arrangement such as payroll and tax compliance, human resources and insurance administrative services including assistance with finding, implementing and managing workers' compensation and employee benefits. The significant difference between the PEO and the ASO is the co-employment relationship. Unlike the PEO arrangement, the employer retains the employer of record status with the ASO and all payroll taxes are reported and filed using the client's FEIN. So why would you choose the ASO option? Similar to the PEO, the ASO option provides a bundled suite of services intended to help you manage your business more effectively. Although the ASO arrangement is not a co-employment arrangement it is designed to minimize your risks and liabilities through outsourcing of key employment related tasks and responsibilities to industry experts. The following are a few reasons you may consider the ASO option over the PEO option: The co-employment relationship. Simple definition - despite the fact that businesses do not lose control over their employees in the PEO relationship it is still a common fear for some business owners to consider this option. Under the ASO model you retain the employer of record status and gain the same level of service and access to a team of professionals and industry experts to help manage your business more effectively.  
  • You are happy with your current benefits and workers' compensation broker. Simple definition - under the ASO option you can retain your current relationships with insurance brokers and insurance carriers while gaining access to experts to manage the insurance administration functions on your behalf.
  • I have a low SUTA rate and low employee turnover. Simple definition - under the ASO arrangement you retain your own SUTA rate but gain access to a team of professionals to assist with unemployment claims and administration as they occur. ASO is a strategy that most businesses take. In fact, when you consider an Administrative Services Outsourcing (ASO) solution, your business can reap the benefits of easier management conveniently done for your company’s interest. The ASO solution involves a multitude of business transaction based human resources services that consist of payroll, employee data management, and benefits support.

What is the benefit of partnering with this type of service?

We are able to consolidate your administrative tasks into one platform handled quickly by a personalized team of experts so that you can focus more time on your core business and less time on the non-revenue producing administrative and employment tasks.

Where is Aliat headquartered?

We are headquartered in Portland Oregon but are able to service businesses nationwide.

What does “aliat” mean?

Aliat means Ally, because we truly want to become your ally in business.

Where can I find a copy of my Employee Handbook?

If your company has a finalized Employee Handbook, you can download a copy by going to Documents in your Employee Portal.

If I ask for advice from Aliat, can I request confidentiality?

Absolutely, your conversations with Aliat can be confidential unless Aliat is required to disclose information by law. Aliat will alert you if any discussions require a disclosure.

Will Aliat provide my company a compliance poster yearly?

Yes, Aliat will send you a compliance poster annually to your main location. If you are in need of additional compliance posters, please contact [email protected]

I’m getting a message that says “User does not have access” when I’m trying to log into my employee portal?

You are likely not using the correct site. Please visit https://employee.myaliat.com.

I clicked on forgot username, but I’m not getting the username e-mail.

The e-mail address entered does not match the e-mail address last on file in the system. Please try an alternate personal e-mail address. If you need further assistance, reach out to [email protected].

I forgot my password.

Click on Forgot Password and enter your username. You’ll receive a password reset e-mail to the e-mail address last on file. If you do not receive the reset e-mail, make sure you are entering your username, not your e-mail address. If you need further assistance, reach out to [email protected].

How can I access my W-2?

Log into your employee portal. Click on Taxes, then W-2. Select the applicable year from the drop down menu, and click the blue download button to generate a PDF of your W-2.

How can I update my W-4?

Log into your employee portal. Click on Taxes, then Tax Withholding. Select Update Forms in the top right corner, and follow the questions on screen to update your Federal and any applicable State or Local forms.

How can I access my paystubs?

Log into your employee portal. Click on Pay, then Pay History. Select View Paystub on the right under Actions. Click on View Check in the center of the screen and it will generate a PDF of your paystub. If it does not, check for and disable any pop-up blockers, then click View Check again.

What benefits are available?

Aliat has a comprehensive offering of core and voluntary benefits available that can be customized for the unique needs of your employees.  Our fully licensed advisors can provide valuable guidance in helping you choose an offering that is line with your budget and encourages your employee’s engagement that helps develop of team that is happy, healthy and has a high job satisfaction.

Can I keep my current benefits broker?

Aliat’s benefits enrollment platform and employee portal are customizable.  We are happy to work with your current broker and integrate benefits for administration to make it easy for your company.  If you would like to look at new options, we have a comprehensive offering of core and voluntary benefits available that can be customized to the unique needs of your employees. Aliat can provide complete administration for your benefit plans.

What is available for flex plans and Health Savings Accounts (HSA)?

Aliat’s tax-advantaged accounts are available as a standard offering.  The Health FSA, Dependent Care FSA, and the Commuter and Transit accounts are all available.  For employees enrolled in an HSA qualified medical plan, an HSA account can be setup for them for convenient employee payroll contributions as well as employer contributions.

Do you handle COBRA and/or state continuation administration?

Yes, federal COBRA and state continuation requirements for employees who leave your company is fully administered on the Aliat platform for optimal compliance.

Do you offer retirement plans?

Aliat offers a Pooled Employer Plan 401k with BlueStar Retirement. The details of Aliat’s PEP 401k can be found at https://mypepconnection.com/aliatpep/join-our-plan/

What benefits advantages does my business gain by partnering with Aliat?

Aliat’s goal is to empower businesses to thrive. We come alongside your team as experts in employee benefits, so you don’t have to be. Benefit offerings are an ever-changing aspect of business and utilizing a partner that looks out for your best interests will benefit your team’s culture, reduce absenteeism and presenteeism and ensure compliance for less administrative headaches.

How can I ensure my employee handbook is up to date for every state I have employees in?

Your Aliat HR team will advise on any applicable policies that should be added to your employee handbook. In addition, regular email alerts will be sent regarding any new policies that may apply. Contact Aliat HR for a review of your handbook.

Does Aliat charge per hour for advisory services?

All advisory services are included in your partnership with Aliat. We care about the health of your business and want to partner with you to ensure all HR concerns are addressed.

Will my employees have access to a learning management system (LMS)?

Yes, Aliat offers an LMS with over 300 online courses that can be accessed at any time during your partnership with Aliat. These courses include topics like: state-mandated sexual harassment prevention, OSHA, professional development, manager training, and much more. No extra fees are included for usage of the LMS.

Can my employees contact Aliat HR directly?

Yes, Aliat HR advisory services is available not only for the employer, but employees as well.

Does Aliat offer mediation services?

Yes, Aliat HR can assist with mediation as needed.

Do you offer background checks?

Yes, included with your partnership with Aliat is a free national criminal and SSN verification background check. We also offer several other background check options such as employment verification, credit check, and motor vehicle record.

What is the estimated turnaround time for updating Employee Handbooks?

Aliat prides itself on a quick turnaround with all client requests. Depending on the updates necessary, you can expect 1-2 days for minor policy changes and 1-3 weeks for major policy changes.

Can Aliat complete Employment Verifications on our behalf?

Yes, Aliat can complete all verification of employment requests you may receive.

Does Aliat offer templates for general HR documents?

Yes, through Aliat’s People Risk Management software integrated with the HRMS, we offer hundreds of templates for general HR documents. Aliat can assist in updating these templates for your specific scenario.

Does Aliat offer recruiting services?

Included in your partnership, Aliat offers an integrated Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which provides a self-service recruiting platform. Aliat HR can provide a customized quote for recruiting services based on your company’s needs if you would prefer assistance in recruiting.

Does Aliat help with unemployment claims?

Yes, Aliat can assist in completing unemployment claims to ensure compliance with the state.

Will Aliat assist with new hire reporting?

Yes, Aliat completes all new hire reporting for all states to ensure compliance.

Can Aliat assist in writing job descriptions?

Yes, Aliat’s HR team can provide template job descriptions and assist in customizing these documents to fit your specific position.

Does Aliat offer a performance management system?

While Aliat’s HRMS offers an integrated performance management system (PMS), this feature is an additional cost outside of your partnership with Aliat. Contact our Sales team today to discuss more.

Can Aliat write custom employment policies?

Yes, depending on your company policy needs, Aliat HR will discuss your goals for the policy and assist in providing a policy outline that supports best practices.

What HR and employment advantages does my business gain by partnering with Aliat?

Aliat’s goal is to empower businesses to thrive. We come alongside your team as experts in HR, so you don’t have to be. HR is an ever-changing aspect of business and utilizing a partner that looks out for your best interests will benefit your team’s culture, reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, and ensure compliance for less administrative headaches.

Is E-Verify an included feature?

While E-Verify is integrated with Aliat’s HRMS to automatically verify SSNs, this feature is an additional cost outside of your partnership with Aliat. Contact our Sales team today to discuss more.

Can you help with Workers Comp?

Yes. Aliat partners with several work comp carriers to provide you with the best possible coverage.

Why do I need to get registered in another state?

There are several reasons why you may need to get registered in another state. One of the most common with employers today is if they have a remote employee in a different state that your business is domiciled in. You not only need to register with the state department of revenue for tax purposes, but you will also need a foreign qualification in that state as well. If you think you may need to qualify, please reach out to [email protected]. We will provide a free consultation to figure out if you need to apply in these states.

What is a foreign qualification and why they are needed?

A foreign qualification is the process of registering your business with the Secretary of State in a state that you are not domiciled in. Most states require some kind of registration if you are going to be conducting business there. If you have a remote employee in a state that you are not domiciled in, chances are you are required to apply for a foreign qualification under that states laws. For more info, email [email protected].

Difference in "Pay as you go" vs Annual premium payments

Pay as you go – Is the process of paying work comp premiums on a monthly basis that is based on live payroll data. This payment method will help reduce overpaying or underpaying in work comp premiums and will provide more accurate data at the end of your policy year for audit purposes. Annual Premium – Is the most common work comp payment type. Premiums are based on predicted annual payroll at the beginning of the policy year and the premiums reflect those predictions. This can lead to underpaying premiums on the policy found during audit season that can lead to an invoice to be paid to the carrier before the policy can be renewed for the following year.

Items needed when applying for work comp coverage

  • Last 5 years of loss history that can be obtained from your current work comp provider.
  • An application that Aliat, Inc will help you complete.
  For information on acquiring a work comp policy, please contact [email protected]

I won’t be doing business in a state, I am only hiring a remote employee there. Do I still need to file all the tax paperwork?

Yes, even if an employee is working from home in another state, you will need to get registered there. Aliat can assist with all payroll tax registrations in any state you hire employees in.

Does Aliat offer payroll in my state(s)?

Yes. We can offer payroll in all 50 states through Aliat’s platform. We can make recommendations for international payroll providers.

How do you handle garnishments?

We eliminate the work for you. You send us the forms and we will fill them out and set the withholding up, as well as remit payment.

Do you offer next day direct deposit?

Yes. Our standard is two-day direct deposit, but expedited processing is available.

How will my employees get their pay stubs?

Employees receive their pay stub via their online Employee Portal. They can even receive an e-mail notification that their pay stub is available on pay day.

What’s included in the employee portal?

Employees have unlimited access to their Employee Portal to view pay stubs, W-2s, benefits, PTO balances, and request time off. Employees have single sign on access to Aliat’s timekeeping, retirement, and HR trainings, and can update personal information and tax withholdings via their Employee Portal.

Can I manage PTO requests within the system?

Yes. Employees can submit time off requests, and Managers will receive an e-mail to approve or deny the request.

Do you offer time tracking software?

Yes. Aliat offers integrated timekeeping with TimeClock Plus and can also upload Excel files from other time tracking software.

Do you offer pay cards?

Yes. Aliat offers pay cards through Plata Pay.

Do you offer wage advancement?

Yes. Aliat offers a partnership with FinFit, to offer a cash advance to employees that is repaid automatically through payroll processing.

How will my new hire onboarding be handled?

Aliat offers electronic onboarding. Employees will be able to complete personal information, direct deposit information, and all necessary tax forms, as well as sign off on employee policies and handbook – electronically!

Can I talk to a live person for support?

Yes. Aliat is a team of dedicated professionals, ready to assist.

What are your customer support hours?

Our Customer Support hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm PST.

Can you help me switch payroll providers?

We have a dedicated team to help guide you through the appropriate steps, to make the transition to a new payroll provider smooth.

Can I set up different access for multiple admins?

Yes. You can customize the access that users have to information in the system.

Do you run my business’s payrolls for me?

We allow you to maintain control over your payroll processing. We’ll train you how to use the simple system to process, review, and approve your payrolls.

Do you generate and distribute W2s to all of my employees?

Yes. Aliat prepares and files all W2s. We deliver them electronically via the Employee Portal, as well as mail a copy to those who prefer.

Are there detailed payroll reports available?

Yes. There are numerous payroll reports available for review including employee detail reports, summary reports, cash receipts reports and more.

Can I choose my business’s own payroll pay date schedule?

Yes. You can choose the payroll schedule that works best for your business.

What software do you use to process payrolls?

Aliat uses PrismHR for payroll processing.

Will you assist my employees with payroll-related questions?

Yes. Aliat will answer payroll-related questions to the best of our ability. If needed, we will reach out to you for clarification, or direct the employee to you for further details.

Can I run payroll from a mobile phone or tablet?

Yes. Aliat’s PrismHR system is a cloud-based system, so you can process payroll from any internet-enabled device.

Will you register my business for payroll tax accounts?

Yes, we will register your business for all state payroll taxes with all applicable state payroll tax agencies. We will not register your business for a Federal EIN, but we can assist in this process if needed.

Will you file my business’s state payroll taxes?

Yes, we file all state payroll taxes you are liable for, including localities and counties.

Will you file my business’s federal payroll taxes?

Yes, we file the quarterly 941 forms as well as the annual 940 form. We also report all W3s annually to the SSO.

How often do you file payroll taxes?

We file all payroll taxes per their individual schedule. Most are quarterly, but we also file all monthly and annual ones that your business is liable for.

Do you pay my business’s payroll taxes?

Yes, we pay all payroll taxes, both state and federal, following their individual schedules.

How often do you pay payroll taxes?

We follow each payroll taxing agencies’ individual schedule for payments. Some are daily, some are weekly, some are monthly, some are quarterly, and some are annually, but we pay them all on your behalf from Aliat’s account.

How are payroll taxes deducted from my account?

All payroll taxes are pulled from your account in one lump-sum transaction at the time we run your payrolls. We then use the money to pay all of your payroll taxes per their individualized schedules from our account.

Do you manage my business’s state payroll tax accounts?

Yes, we will manage your state payroll accounts as needed.

Do you file my business’s corporate taxes?

No, we do not file, pay or manage any corporate level taxes for your business. Typically, each state does require corporate level tax returns to be completed. This is typically handled by your accounting team or a consulting CPA firm, which Aliat does not include in our suite of services. We can assist with providing information and reports as needed.

What happens if I hire an employee in a new state?

If you hire an employee in a new state, then Aliat will work with you to get your business registered within that state. Aliat will complete all applications to get your business registered with the SOS and all payroll taxing agencies present within that state so that your employees’ payroll is compliant within that specific state.

How much notice do I need to give when I plan to hire an employee in a new state?

As much notice as you can give, the better. However, we will not be able to complete applications until we have a start date and a state specific address, even if the employee will be working from home.

What happens if one of my current employees moves to another state?

If your employee moves to another state, let us know as soon as you know they will be moving. Aliat will then register your business in the state with the SOS as well as all payroll taxing agencies applicable to that state so that your employees’ payrolls are compliant within that state once they move.

Can I hire employees who will be working outside of the US?

No, Aliat does not provide international services. However, we have partners we can direct you to if you decide to hire internationally.

If I get a notice regarding taxes, what should I do?

If you get any kind of payroll tax notice from any agency that is applicable to your time partnered with us, you can send it to us to resolve. If it is from a time before you were partnered with us, you can send it to us, and we can advise you on how to resolve it.

Will you assist in state payroll tax audits?

Yes, we can provide reports and any needed information needed to assist in state payroll tax audits. We can also assist directly with the state if needed on your behalf.

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