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Together, we can achieve better healthcare benefits and lower costs for small to midsized businesses

The healthcare system is broken. Small businesses are one of its biggest casualties.

By pooling together small businesses, we’re able to give our members premium healthcare benefits at the lowest rates. Aliat has partnered with Cigna to deliver you 5-star benefits and an innovative wellness platform to incentivize, educate and empower employers and employees.

Take your healthcare – and its costs – into your own hands.

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Your healthcare benefit costs shouldn’t drown your business.

We make it easy for your team to access big business healthcare benefits at the lowest rates.

  • 1|Health

    Enjoy a very broad national provider network with deductibles as low as $500 up to $5,000. All of our medical plans contain reasonable out-of-pocket maximums for financial protection.

    Because Aliat is a large company, we have had some say in the design of our medical plans. Our objective is to bring more valued benefits to your employees without overcharging for those benefits.

    A team of benefits and wellness pros is assigned to your company for a high level of customer service. We also provide many Health Insurance Marketplace options for non-Cigna clients.

  • 2|Dental

    Cigna Dental offers your employees a wide range of in-network dentists and specialists. Plans include coverage for preventive dental care services, including cleanings, x-rays, and more, at no additional cost or at a reduced cost. Employees can choose a dentist from Cigna’s large network directory that is easily accessible and searchable online. With myCigna.com, employees see individualized information set to their specific dental plan and geographic location. Search filters give employees a list of in-network results, with facts to help them make a smart decision about which dentist to use.

    • High annual maximums
    • Orthodontia options
    • Discounted rates through Cigna’s DPPO Advantage Network
  • 3|Vision

    Cigna Vision gives employees a variety of choices with one of the largest specialty networks of optometrists, ophthalmologists and nationally recognized eye care retailers. Your employees and covered family members will have access to quality vision care at a great cost. Plans may provide coverage for:

    • Routine eye exams
    • Glasses
    • Contact lenses

    Choosing a quality in-network eye doctor is easy with myCigna.com or through the customer service line. Employees will save the most money if they select an in-network doctor, however out-of-network options are still available and have potential for reimbursement.

  • 4|Life Insurance

    Aliat provides $10,000 of Basic Term Life Insurance to all full-time, benefit eligible employees. In addition, employees have the option to purchase supplemental life insurance up to $100,000 on a guaranteed issue basis. The limit can be increased to 5x the annual salary or $500,000 (whichever is less) with medical underwriting.

      • Competitive group rates
      • Guaranteed issue – no health questions or medical exam required
      • Convenient payroll deductions

    Term life insurance provides temporary financial protection for your loved ones during your working years. Help ensure that if something unforeseen should happen, short and long term financial obligations could be met.

    • Replacing lost income
    • Covering basic living expenses
    • Paying household debts, estate taxes and funeral expenses
    • Funding a child’s education
    • Supplementing retirement savings

Our Cigna plans come with an HSA (Health Savings Account). Click here to learn how you can boost your benefit offerings with an HSA.


Teladoc is designed to help save both employers and employees time & money. Teladoc is available through our All-In and Health Pro plans.

Give your employees instant access to healthcare solutions

  • 10 minute average doctor response time
  • 91% of issues are resolved on the first call
  • No co-pays, deductibles or per-call charges
  • U.S. based, trained & board-certified doctors
  • Get prescriptions, diagnosis and treatment plans
  • Saves employers and employees the costs of missing work
  • Price Transparency: The price of services in healthcare can vary by as much as 4,000% for the same procedure! TouchCare enables members to get the highest quality, lowest-cost options to ensure the most bang for their healthcare buck.
  • Claims Adjudication: TouchCare has specially trained billing experts who review and negotiate bills on behalf of our members, saving members hundreds of dollars.
  • Provider and Facility Reviews: TouchCare Health Assistants carefully match based on location, cost, specialty type, and gender preference.


If you are enrolled in a Cigna medical plan through Aliat, you automatically gain a whole team of experts to help you get the best quality healthcare at the best price!

Employee Assistance Program

We offer the Cigna Employee Assistance & Work/Life Support Programs to all Aliat co-employees and their household members through our All-In and Health Pro Plans. This program is available regardless of your enrollment in medical benefits.

  • Face-To-Face

  • Referral

  • Financial & Legal

  • Critical Incident
    Stress Management

  • Child, Elder or
    Pet Care

  • Work-Life

  • Identity Theft

  • Health & Wellness

Voluntary benefits

  • Accident

    It’s hard to prepare for the financial burden of an unexpected accident. Get coverage to help with:

    • Initial care

    • Surgery

    • Transportation and lodging

    • Follow-up care

  • Pet Insurance

    Plans offer 90% reimbursement on the following, in addition to unlimited 24/7 access to Vet Pros via Vet Helpline:

    • Injury & Illness

    • Congenital

    • Hereditary

    • Diets & nutrition

    • Behavior

    • Exotic animal and avian plans also available

  • Critical Illness

    One or more critical illnesses can put life on hold. Be financially prepared for critical illnesses, such as:

    • Cancer

    • Heart attack (myocardial infarction)

    • End stage renal failure

    • Coronary artery bypass surgery

    • Stroke

    • Major organ transplant

  • Disability

    If you become disabled from a covered accident or sickness, use your benefits to help cover:

    • Rent or mortgage payments

    • Utilities

    • Groceries

    • Travel expenses

    • Credit card bills

    • Other everyday living expenses

  • Hospital Confinement

    An ambulance ride and a one night stay in the hospital can bump your bills by thousands. Get coverage associated with:

    • Outpatient surgery

    • Diagnostic tests

    • Doctor appointments

    • Emergency room trips

  • Life Insurance

    Ensure financial security for your family members. Be sure to revisit your limit when you have a life event like:

    • Getting married

    • Buying a home

    • Having a child

  • Gradifi

    While higher education is extremely important, it can come with a hefty price tag. Gradifi assists employees with college expenses with several programs that allow you to:

    • Pay down college debt

    • Save for the future

    • Consolidate existing loans

  • FinFit

    Whether it’s buying a home, saving for a wedding or performing an emergency car repair, we all have financial goals. FinFit helps you reach these goals by offering:

    • Personalized financial assessment

    • Online Education, tools and credit scores

    • Short-term employee loans for the unexpected

  • Slavic 401k

    The 401(k) is more important today than it has been before. Offering a 401(k) option to employees can help with:

    • Decreased absenteeism

    • Increased productivity

    • Employee controlled retirement

    • Lower healthcare costs

    • Improved employee health

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  • We attract our new employees from other large law firms. These people want to work for a smaller firm, but it has been impossible for us to compete with the benefits offered by the large firms. The Aliat program elevates our benefits to the level needed to attract and retain the right people. The HSA training offered by Aliat is necessary for our recruitment and has not been effectively offered to firms our size in the past.

    Margaret McShea

    Firm Administrator, Carr Butterfield

  • It would take years of study to know all about benefit strategies and regulations, Carmen.

    Or just one relationship with Aliat! Brendon.

    Brendon Lundberg

    President & CEO, Radiant Health Management

    Carmen Dumitrescu

    Accountant & Tax Consultant, Radiant Health Management