We at Aliat want to ask you something: What did you get into business for?

To sell a product? Provide a service? We bet it wasn’t to keep track of paperwork or manage bureaucracy. We bet it wasn’t to spend time running payroll, filing taxes, and spending every other minute reducing risk and adhering to increasingly byzantine regulations. It’s tough enough being a small business owner. We know. But it goes without saying that the cross-your-heart, hope-to-die approach is not a good long-term strategy.

You know you need HR

You also know that money spent on HR is money not spent on sales, marketing and more financially fruitful endeavors. Yet, should you grow, you simply won’t have time to oversee everything like you used to. So, what’s the solution? What’s a small operator to do?

The answer is simple: Outsourcing to a PEO — Professional Employer Organization

Through these firms, you can outsource all your employee management tasks such as benefits, payroll, risk mitigation, recruiting, and even training and development. Through the practice of co-employment, you enter into a relationship of shared responsibility with professionals who know how to navigate the road ahead of you. While it sounds daunting that PEOs often charge by the employee or a percentage of your total payroll, small businesses regularly save substantial money in the long run when compared to in-house HR staffing. Plus, there’s the added benefit of avoiding common HR problems and time-consuming pitfalls.

When outsourcing to a PEO the benefits will quickly become apparent

With human resources in the hands of fully-compliant, shared-responsibility professionals, you’ll have time to make more informed decisions and truly build a path forward for your company. Remember all that time spent on keeping up to date on compliance? Poof. Just like that, it’s yours again thanks to outsourcing.

But you won’t just get time and money back. Outsourcing to a PEO can be a solid investment in both your company’s present and future. With HR taken care of and running like a fine-tuned machine, you’ll find that your benefits packages will stay competitive. Better benefits mean happy employees – both current and prospective. Happy employees often correlate to healthy business systems and cultures—hallmarks of organizations that are built to last.

Time back, money saved, room for you and your business to grow. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Request a Consultation to learn more about the viable, reasonable way to lower expenses and see if outsourcing is right for you.