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The health of your business is our business.

Our Mission

To help small to mid-sized businesses grow and be competitive with larger businesses by allowing them to focus on their core business instead of HR-related functions. Our goal is to:

  • Increase your profitability

  • Reduce operational costs

  • Maximize employee productivity

  • Reduce time spent on transactional HR tasks

  • Reduce employment-related liability

  • Provide affordable, world class healthcare

Aliat navigates you through the complexities of business ownership so you spend less time worrying, and more time doing.

Handling the administrative burden of payroll, HR, worker’s compensation, risk management, employee benefits, and staying up to date with laws and regulations for small businesses is challenging. From navigating a web of regulations to keeping up with industry best practices, no one person can be an expert in everything. Aliat takes on the work that isn’t part of your core business and streamlines your back-office, all while keeping you and your employees protected.

An innovative small business solution for managing rising healthcare costs.

Managing rising costs is a critical part of growing a healthy business, so we enable cost controls where they’re needed most: your healthcare. By providing an innovative incentivized healthcare solution, your business can enjoy high quality healthcare, a reduced medical cost trend and a happier, healthier, more productive workplace.


Aliat translates to ally in the Romanian and Catalan languages. We feel this word perfectly embodies our mission – to be your ally in all things business. We’re committed to solving your business’ pain points and making your job easier.

Our Strategy

Healthy Workplaces

No more taking the “crossed-fingers” approach to HR. We believe in proactive support from an HR team that cares about your company as much as you do.

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Safety First

A healthy businesss has a preventive approach to Workers Compensation, Safety & Risk Management. Aliat reduces your liability by 50%.

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Control Over Your Healthcare

With incentivized wellness programs and our Freedom to Fly Guarantee, we give small businesses control over healthcare rate increases.

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A Stress-Free Pay Day

Healthy payroll is consistent and takes care of the basics. We help business owners sleep sound at night knowing their payroll is properly managed.

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A Preventive Mindset

Through health risk screenings, we help employees make lifestyle changes before health conditions become a burden on finances and quality of life.

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Your Executive Team

We show up on time. We don’t leave early. We don’t take vacation. We don’t take sick days. We don’t want any advancement in your company and we don’t want any ownership.

If you have fewer than 25 employees, we work full time for less than one minimum wage employee. Use our pricing calculator to estimate the cost for your business.

  • Bob Kohnle, D.C.

    CEO & Founder

    CVI: Merchant/Builder

  • Tony Gendvilas, O.D.

    Chief Benefits Officer

    CVI: Innovator/Banker

  • Michelle Simpson

    Account Manager

    CVI: Innovator/Banker

  • Katie Kohnle

    Chief Operating Officer

    CVI: Merchant/Builder

  • Kim Martinez

    Chief Relations Officer

    CVI: Merchant/Builder

  • Emily Knight

    Creative Marketing Manager

    CVI: Merchant/Innovator

  • Bethany Gendvilas

    Director of Benefits & HR

    CVI: Innovator/Merchant

  • Austin Lane

    Director of Risk & Compliance

    CVI: Merchant/Banker

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  • Recently Crosslake Technologies has signed on as a new client to Aliat. As we go through our onboarding, I just wanted to complement your team on their service levels and knowledge. The pre-sales experience, and now post-close onboarding process, has been very smooth and the team is very communicative when there has been an issue. They have been patient with our questions and very responsive with the right level of detail. Everyone seems to care and follows up on issues. This is a great start to what I hope is a long-term relationship, and helps create confidence that we made the right decision!

    James Waletzky

    Partner, Crosslake Technologies

  • Now that I am with Aliat, I can focus more on my company. To have a team already doing the research is great. It’s nice to be in a partnership with a PEO that gets it – and has the buying power of the big guys.

    Paula Bronleewe

    Owner and CEO, Bronleewe, Inc.