HR recruiting technology, more specifically an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), is designed to help improve the overall efficiency of your hiring process and make finding and hiring candidates easier.

Here are 4 reasons why small businesses should consider using an ATS:

  1. Time-Savings: Using an ATS translates into a 30% time saving during the hiring process.
  1. Automation: An ATS automates the hiring process and eliminates sifting through stacks of resumes. An ATS can automatically screen out applicants that don’t meet targeted criteria, making it easy to identify the best candidates.
  1. Integration: An ATS eliminates the need to log in to several sites to update job postings. Update a job posting once and it’s updated across all job boards.
  1. Communication: Communicate more efficiently with features that allow users to track communications and feedback by candidate and keep the entire team involved with shared notes.

All of these benefits translate into an increased time to hire, and an ultimately more efficient hiring process.

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