Drawing a blank with your holiday gift ideas? Don’t worry…we’ve got you covered for this year’s Secret Santa or white elephant gift exchange. Here are 25 affordable and thoughtful holiday gift ideas your coworkers will love.

  1. A hand-written card

Whether funny or sentimental, your coworker will appreciate this hand-written and affordable gift that comes from the heart.

  1. Home baked or canned goods

Spend an afternoon this weekend baking some cookies, making jam, or filling mason jars with a “just add milk and eggs” recipe. Be cautious of coworker food allergies!

  1. A massage or spa gift certificate

Can you think of a hard-working coworker deserves some R&R? A gift certificate for a massage, mani-pedi or spa treatment is the perfect remedy.

  1. A mini stocking stuffed with goodies

Stop by the dollar store and pick up a dozen mini stockings. As Buddy the Elf says, fill them with the four main food groups, “candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup.”

  1. Office Artwork

Is the wall looking a little blank in a coworker’s office? Find some stylish wall art they will appreciate.

  1. A coffee or tea mug

Can’t go wrong with this practical gift. Pair it with K-cups for the Keurig or caffeinated tea for a boost of focus.

  1. Stress ball or fidget spinner

These stress relieving gadgets help reduce tension and clear the mind.

  1. Desk toys or mini table games

Mesmerizing, intellectually challenging and entertaining. Desk gadgets will make work that much more fun.

  1. A nice pen

Cause who doesn’t love a nice pen?

  1. An ornament

Homemade or store bought, ornaments are a festive gift. With hundreds of different colors, shapes and characters, ornaments are extremely customizable from person to person.

  1. Cell phone case

An item everyone needs but rarely purchases for themselves. Trade your coworkers scratched phone case for a shiny new one.

  1. 2019 office planner

Help your coworker ring in the new year with a brand new planner. Organization at its finest for the pen-to-paper lover.

  1. 2019 calendar

Whether it’s classy framed calendar, or a cute kitten calendar, your coworker will be able to use this gift all year long.

  1. Mouse pad with a wireless mouse

It’s 2018…are cords still a thing? Pick up a wireless mouse at your nearest office supply store. Plus, if your coworker has been using a built-in computer mouse pad, their pointer finger may really appreciate a wireless mouse ergonomically shaped for comfort.

  1. A mini speaker

Nowadays, those little speakers pack some big sound. Pick up a Bluetooth speaker your coworker can keep on their desk.

  1. Workout towel and a water bottle

Cheer on your coworker’s new year’s resolution to get fit with this motivational workout equipment.

  1. Portable phone charger

No one likes getting a ‘low battery’ warning when they are out of the office on meetings! Save the day with a portable phone charger.

  1. Fun colored dry erase markers

Black, blue and red are so boring. How about neon pink, lime green and a vibrant purple!

  1. Fan or space heater

Regulating the temperature in the office so that everyone is happy is nearly impossible. This quick fix will keep people comfortable and productive.

  1. Headphones

For the coworker that’s always blasting your least favorite genre.

  1. Emergency kit

Fill a small container with some over-the-counter essentials, band-aids and a miniature sewing kit.

  1. Office plant

Proven to boost moods and increase productivity. Try a pretty poinsettia or long-lasting succulent.

  1. Flash drive preloaded with cool songs

It’s the new and improved version of a mix-tape that doubles as portable storage.

  1. Popsocket

Get a grip on your phone with the hottest new cell phone accessory. Your coworkers will love being able to carry their phone, coffee and keys in one hand. Customize it with your company logo using the create your own popsocket tool.

  1. Blank Notebook

Ahhhh…nothing feels quite like 200 blank pages just waiting to be filled with ideas!




This holiday, take time to remember the reason behind the season and extend a smile to the people around you.