Small businesses have big risks. Who has your back?

Aliat provides your business with the right coverage and risk prevention tools to protect your business.

The cost of not having the right coverage can be catastrophic

Don’t let your small to mid-sized business go unprotected.

  • Workers’

  • Employment Practices
    Liability Insurance

  • Cyber

Are you losing precious time tracking down the right insurance information, or wondering if you have the right coverage?

We take the administrative work off your desk, so Workers’ Compensation claims are closed fast.

Aliat provides:

  • Affordable, comprehensive insurance coverage

  • Risk management education

  • Employee education to prevent future claims

  • Monthly risk management reports

Financial protection for you and your employees

By partnering with Aliat, you’ll have compliant workers compensation coverage for your employees – in every state – at affordable rates.

Workers’ Compensation covers costs associated with workplace sickness or bodily injury

Aliat provides EPLI for small to mid-sized businesses at premiums up to 40% below the traditional marketplace

  • Medical Care

  • Retraining

  • Lost Income

  • Permanent Disability

Prevent claims, litigations and losses and stay protected with Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Aliat provides EPLI for small to mid-sized businesses at premiums up to 40% below the traditional marketplace.

EPLI covers employment-related claims from within your business that are typically not covered by workers’ compensation.

  • Personal Workplace Issues

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Wrongful Termination or Demotion

  • Discrimination

  • Emotional Distress

  • Breach of Contract or Employee Agreement

  • Retaliation

  • Employee Altercations

What’s the cost of NOT having EPLI?

Businesses can lose thousands of dollars or even become bankrupt due to wrongful termination, discrimination, or a sexual harassment allegation.

80% of large companies carry this coverage, but only 20% of small companies carry this coverage.

Are you financially protected if a data breach occurs?

At first signs of a possible data breach, Cyber Liability helps you notify every person who may have suffered loss of personal identifiable information. The cost of notification alone can be very high and can even result in brand damage.

Cyber Liability Insurance financially protects your business from computer hacking, phishing attacks, and lost or stolen devices containing sensitive information

  • Notify and defend those affected by the breach

  • Recover compromised data and repair damaged computer systems

  • Provides identity theft protection

  • Covers legal costs to defend your company and those effected by breach

  • Income loss as a result of data breach

  • Restores damage to your brand

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