Take Control Over the Cost and Quality of Your Healthcare

Managing rising costs is a critical part of growing a healthy business. Our program enables cost controls where they’re needed most: your healthcare.

Our health plans are provided by CIGNA, who delivers an industry-leading medical cost trend among national competitors. This program is tailored to business’ unique needs and goals to:

  • Identify & prevent

  • Manage care

  • Educate

  • Save Money

By participating in our FREEDOM to FLY program, your business can enjoy high quality healthcare, a reduced medical cost trend and a happier, healthier workplace.

Our Guarantee

Aliat makes healthcare costs manageable with proven healthy business strategies. Wherever your company is on its wellness journey, we’ll help you fly.

By pursuing a tobacco-free work environment, encouraging your employees to schedule annual check ups, and participating in our wellness program, you can control your healthcare costs. We’ll show you how.

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